Monk mode till new year

25 days MONK MODE (Nofap)challenge
Only for those people who cannot cross 10 days of nofap
1.Always cold shower(no hot water for any reason)
2. no youtube,chrome,browser,Instagram,facebook(for any reason…even for motivational videos)
3. no non-veg
4. drink 4 lites of water
5. study more time and develop study skills.
7. contact co-fighters frequently
8. Share more time and talk frequently with family to not feeling lonely.
9. pray God daily to give power to complete this challenge.

Follow with full discipline,sincerity and with will to quit the addiction

Weekly rewards:
Reward ourself with good food(veg) in the weekend for following these regularly.

Add me as your companion too

Those who are interested message here.

And share your opinions and experiences daily in these 25 days monk mode nofap challenge


That’s nice plan. Go a head. You can also take our study challenge…I will tag you there


I have doubt why no. 2 is there?? I know the bad effects of those apps but what about advantages…
Like if we use only for professional purpose(for limited time) then we won’t Misuse it… Don’t you think?
So for me YouTube and browser needed.

Others terms I agree with that.
I am in if (you agree with the condition)

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Brother, most of us here are using YouTube and Chrome frequently…but if it is limited and if u are a expert in using those apps, you can use it…but I honestly say that I can’t use these apps limited and I get drifted suddenly and land up in fapping…

Thats why I added it…

And by the way,
Welcome to the challenge @Adidas2201


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