Minimum time for a complete rewiring process

Hi guys! First of all I wanted to say that I’m so glad I found this app. Whenever I get an urge I start reading the posts and I remind myself of why I’m doing this, something I didn’t have before, and the main reason why it was impossible for me to go 1 day without fapping.

Mini intro to my situation: I’ve been addicted for 6 years and I haven’t just watched porn non stop but I’ve also spent hundreds of dollars on webcam sites. Before all this shitty situation I was great in bed and got loads of girls. Because of porn I started to feel more anxious and got pied. Due to this, I’ve also lost my girlfriend one year ago. Even though I knew I had a problem and I was depressed as hell, I kept doing it. I just didn’t care about anything, I just wanted to fap for hours. I couldn’t stop.

Right now I’m on a 5 day streak and I’m as disciplined as ever before. I truly want to stop. It’s what I wish for every fucking day. To become my old self, full of confidence and more happy (as I’m always irritated, mostly because I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing and I was flushing my life down the toilet).

My question for all you experts is: how long does it take to rewire? How long would it take for me to get a normal hard on like before, and not feel anxious about being a fucking loser who’s always jerking off in his bedroom?

Thanks guys! I wish I knew about these apps a loooonnnggg time ago!!


This question is difficult to answer because it is different for everybody. It depends on when you started watching porn and how long you used it. I’ve seen people in the forums who started very young and watched for decades and they needed up to two years or even longer.

You on the other said weren’t addicted for such a long time. So I hope you are lucky. Perhaps you need only around 100 days or less.


Lets say I’ve been hardcore addicted like 5-6 years. Paying on webcam sites, fapping 2-5 times each day, etc

It will be different for different people bro.

Many people say a 90 days reboot period.

But that is not a fixed period. If you check successfully rebooted people, each one of them will say different opinions. Because each of our brains are different. How the brain responds to reboot, how disciplined we are in our journey, everything will depend on the length of reboot period.

What I suggest is this:

  • Write down how you feel now (at the start of the reboot) on a notebook (physical or digital).
  • Be specific about the bad things you are experiencing now and have experienced in past due to PMO.
  • Try to cover all areas of your life such as relationships, academics, career, social life, family life etc.
  • At the end, read whatever you have written couple of time to get a clear idea of what is your status right now.
  • Once you know the current status, as you progress in the journey, you can know whether you are improving or not by yourself.
  • You can make this note you have written as a baseline to compare on how you feel after 10 day, 20 day, 30 days etc.
  • I strongly recommend to write down how you feel about your journey and good and bad things happened due to NoPMO in a notebook regularly. If you don’t want to write daily, at least write after reaching some milestones, say, 10 days, 20 days or 30days.

Approach this thing not with the mindset of “achieving x number of days”, but with the mindset of putting distance between yourself and porn, so that it’s something that truly feels like it’s in your rear view window.

I wish you all the best in your journey


Thanks bro! Really helpful

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I’m writing every day a journal here on the app, explaining my feelings and the different urges I get.

I’ve also noticed that I sometimes get really depressed (which is one of the main reasons I got into this shit) : the other day I just spent the whole evening in bed listening to music because I just couldn’t do anything else.

I’ve gotten to such a low point that I’ve admitted my problem and I’m keen of searching for a remedy. This is probably my main motivation.

Adicts won’t leave their addiction until they’ve reached the lowest of the lowest. Once you’ve been there, you’ll be able to change for good. That’s the main conclusion I’m getting these days

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