Mighty May Challenge

Achieved your first 30 day goal? Write your success story here! Motivate others. Ended your 50 days streak? share your experience and advice here so others could learn and motivate you.33 days of no fap and still going

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I was introduced to porn when I was in class 8. Roughly my age was 14. I was very intrigued at that time… coz it was new to me. I used to masturbate often, when I felt like, not knowing I was getting addicted to it. I masturbated for almost 10 years and with the advent of internet, searching porn was easy. I was not having arousal with simple porn anymore, I wanted something more dirty, more passionate, more lusty. My hair began to thin, I used to get tired very easily. My confidence level was 0 at every thing. Then I searched about all the negative effects of porn and after I lost my father, I had to get over this habit. One quote which always motivated me all the time was

“No matter how you are right now, what you did before, you can always change-----Buddha”

It took time, but then I searched for any app regarding no fapping, I found this app, and it is a perfect app to get rid of this toxic habit,
Currently changing my self for the better, streak of 64 days running. Aiming for 300.


Like I
said earlier I have longer lasting erections