MID3 [18F] My silent battle

Keep inspiring.
More power to you :+1:


This is called improvement!
You are a living example of improvement


I have no idea what the struggles like for a woman but were all in this together lets go lets finish this battle together


Thanks everyone! I realized that we can always change for the better. It may not be immediate change but conquering small steps towards improvement is all we need.

The life that i have today is far from perfect, but all i can say is that i’ve become happier, more co fidence and better hygiene.

See you at 120. I hope to keep fighting.


Woah! I am so blessed! Thank you for that wonderful reminder from the bible. Sometimes it’s too exhausting to carry the cross of obedience but when i get reminded of the love and promises of God, i try hard. Let’s continue fighting a good fight! :slight_smile:

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Day 112

I noticed that i am really having dreams that is sexual and i am seriously bothered. For a few days i have dreamt about these. Sometimes it’s about someone.

That someone in my dream is a friend of mine. And clearly we cannot go on further. We are just friends. Sometimes i dream of her and i hate it cause it is sometimes too sexual.

I restrain myself. But during dreams they come and i wake up hating what happened.

I hope to get past this

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Keep doing meditation. Think good and be good to others.

This petty mind loves to play with people. But just remember you are the master and it will bow down to you tomorrow.

Just don’t give extra attention to such dreams and you are good to go.


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I got inspired today. Thank you.