Michael's Prison Break [24 M]

Hope you are still steady.

Very nice streak here, let’s continue !


Good luck! I support you! Don’t forget to call on everyone here and God for support. Keep faith in yourself.


PS: Happy anniversary and happy birthday!

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I’m officailly on my longest streak at the moment. 14 days 2 hours. Getting to see my wife again in 34 days, May 18th we will get to hug again. I would very much like to tell her that I have eyes only for her.


Make sure you do. Hearing that will make her very happy indeed :slight_smile:

Been a few days since I updated y’all. Almost to 20 days, less than a month until I get to see my wife again. It has been kinda difficult not having google, chrome, youtube, etc. But not impossible. My wife has been sending me google info when I need it, helping me study.

Honestly been frustrated by the abundance of girls wearing next to nothing, hard to keep my brain on track. Harder still to talk to my wife about it. Hoping that leaves my brain soon.

On a random note, I have tockets to go see Endgame opening night, the fan eventband everything. Looking forward to that.

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Going to see Avenger: Endgame in 3 hours, so excited

I have almosted completed April

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2 weeks until I see my wife, currently over 30 days into a streak.


Ok guys, I think I’m back to posting in here more regularly. Tomorrow is my last day of college before Finals and then my graduation, so I’ve been busy. But things started to slip, didn’t relapse, but started slipping toward that direction so it’s time to tighten the reins. Not sure exactly what to say yet. But thank you to whoever reads this and reassures me that I’m not alone.

I do have a question, does anybody else experience withdrawal symptoms?


Not sure what withdrawal symptoms you mean, I only feel urges

@CreampieMaster Not really urges, those are there but not the main issue. There are some physical symptoms, emotionally, mentally, etc. Shaking is one of the constant symptoms.

It could be something completely different from withdrawal. But the fact that when I started slipping and getting close to a relapse the symptoms eased off makes me think it’s from that. So just assuming at this point.

Advice for anybody who wants it: Sleep as much as you can. I know that being in bed is a trigger for a lot of folks (at least it is for me) but put your phone far away if you need to. I have slept so much these last few days. Especially since those symptoms started and kinda forced me into it. However, I found out that it really helped me heal myself. Have not really had many urges and just feel overall better. My brain feels like it has the energy and power to actual fight this fight instead of just avoiding urges. In all reality, the whole sleep thing could be completely un related. I’m not a doctor. Just passing on what seemed to help. Take it or leave it, not gonna offend me either way.

In other news, my wife gets here on the 18th. Just over a week from today.

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Been really hard to cope lately. A few people I really respect have talked about how you can’t be addicted to porn amd still be worth anything. I’m almost positive that is not what they were trying to say, but that is what my brain heard.

My wife got into a fight with my mom and sister, so they threatened to not come to my graduation. They did finally work it out and will be here on Saturday. But it won’t be the happy reunion I have been hoping for since January.

Been a long 4 months, but my wife is currently 1.5 hours away and headed toward me. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

So it has been a good few days, not really sure how much detail y’all need.

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I don’t think that you can judge your self worth by the state of your addiction. Thinking badly about ourselves brings us lower and makes us more likely to relapse. Your addiction and who you are are two different things. Seeing yourself without your addiction is and important tool in getting clean.

I hope the graduation went well :slight_smile: