MGTOW(men going their own way)

Hello my friends, i just wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with MGTOW(men going their own way) if so can anyone explain it for me?
Thanks in advance.


I think they are basically men who do not want to enter in any relationship, for some non spiritual reasons. They are passionate for some other things. I do not know much about them.


What’s your opinion about them?

They are people who thinks that law is biased towards women and women can easily exploit men using that. Like woman gets alimony after divorce or woman can easily ruin a man’s life by falsely accusing him of sexual harassment. Hence, men can live a more happy life without women.
They are not completely wrong though it have happened to many people but there steps are little too much.


Ohhh cool i guess they have a point in a way but it wasnt always like that, but now a day who can we trust? Thank you for the info

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It’s not like a man cannot ruins another man’s life. It can happen to anyone. So I don’t see their point. We just need to make sure that we are hanging with good people.


Yeah you have a point they are how can i put this biased that everything bad is caused by women so i disagree with that point but iam with the you need to know who you hangout with or trust as you said.


I am familiar. It seems to have started as a lifestyle for men who want to live life on their own terms and without being influenced or impacted by women. However, most people who espouse it seem to be using it as a cover for their fear of or resentment against women.

If you really wanted to live your life your way you could do it while engaging with women in on your terms instead of wasting your mental energy agonizing over how mean they are.


Indeed you have a point there they do tend to be on the more hardcore side of things.

MGTOW—>don’t date women and don’t want to get married either.

Some men are better off alone. I don’t think I can believe in MGTOW. It seems biased and it could create a certain mindset towards women.

I think healthy interactions with women can’t be a bad thing but each person has their own choice whether or not to date.

I plan on actively trying to date a woman in the future.


Mgtow is a bunch of weirdos. Being a superior man is better than mgtow.

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Dude thanks for the introducing me to mgtow.

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No problem, thoughts on it?

Yeah i agree with you its always better to have a balamcr in life