MetalSonics (26 m) Epic 365 lifeChange-Mode

Hi dear Reader,

Today was the First day of my new Life.

I have been a total loser so far. Low social skills, debts (15000 euro) , not 1 single friend and No Girlfriend, many addictions (Smoking, Videogames, Casino, pmo…)
Suicidal thoughts.

But i couldnt bear this anymore, so i started to think, what Happens If someone Like me stops doing all that shit and starts replacing my bad habits with good ones.

Can i become succesfull? This is the great Experiment. I dont even know how i became so miserable, hopefully i can become great.

I comit myself to the following Programm for the next 365 days.

This contains:

-hardmode Nofap
-every single day 1 cold shower (exception is illness)

  • no fastfood and processed food.
  • no sweets and sugar / Softdrinks
  • no Smoking / Alkohol and other drugs
  • no Television / music / Videogames
  • no coffee and no playing with Money


  • 50 euro saving every month (debts)
  • starting a Sport ( want to do Martial arts or Wing Tsun) 3 Times a week.
  • learning spanish
  • more Reading in General
  • trying to optimise my sleep rhythm i want to get Up at 5. Am and Go to sleep at 9/10 PM
  • start Walking 2 days a week.

My income is very low because im in training and i live alone. This is a Problem in realising the positives but i will Look for a solution.

Day 1 is finished. It was a hard day. Multiple cold turkeys and changes in General. But i can only Change if i go extreme. Im also Feeling a bit Happy, a Long forgotten Feeling.

Thank you for reading. I will Update my Journey every sunday.

This will be the Journey of my Life.


Also Tips, additional ideas and Help, or Suggestions are highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Humans forget quickly. Work consistently on your convictions. In few months everyone will recognise you for the current you and not the past you. Then you will be up in the league of others.
All the best. Stay strong. Save 10% of income and gradually increase your savings%


You have still many miles to go but looking at your first step of the journey. its fucking awesome its a hero stuff you are doing man lots of love
March forward i am with you. We can do it.

Yes, i hope i Catch Up soon.

I wish i could save 10 % per month.
To achieve this i need to get a second Job.
A Thing i consider after consistently pushing for my programm at least for 1 - 2 months.

When i know one Thing then its horrible to have debts. Debts= death . It kills your dreams.

@anon66785751 thx for your Support.
From Zero to Hero :slight_smile: i will Count on You.

I also found a great international Nofap Support group in WhatsApp, feel free to Join.(Just click Link)


If you relapse (no matter which addiction) don’t abandon your new ways and goals. Self-pity and the feeling of guilt is a vicious circle. In a way our vices need us to break and procrastinate in order to survive. Especially right after a relapse you might think “OK, today I gave in. Tomorrow I will get back on track”. Instead it’s better to think “OK, today I gave in. Now let’s do something productive/creative so the rest of the day is not lost”… elsewise there is a high chance to fall into a bad-habit binge you won’t get out of for days.

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All the best bro pay off the debts and lets kick this additction together

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You better be occupied all the time, don’t sit idol unless you want to meditate. You already have short term goals of paying off your debt, and getting rid of these addictions. Routine is helping me very much, it may help you too. Do make some long terms goals they will also help you to stick to your path. Its a good decision to take control of your life. You will do great brother. Turn this spark into inferno and burn all the negativity… Happy Nofapping brother… :slight_smile:


There’s always a way out. Remember job is another trap. Look for other way of generating income. Hustle.
Once the fog in your brain clears due to nofap. You will get lot of ideas. They won’t be unique or new, but you will also find the energy to implement. There lies the difference from the winners and those who give up. Coz nobody is a loser. They are only those who gave up too early. Only if more people supported they all will come up.
So keep up.


Thx for all the input.
Im on day 10 with my Programm.
I can feel a Lot more Energy within me.
Also i have more time since i kicked some Bad Habits.
But Most of the time i feel stuck and depressed. I read a lot and do some exercises + my Job. I will not give up no Matter how Bad it gets.
Still have not a single urge. Only Miss gaming… Was still Something which Made me forget my miserable Situation.


And how’s it going now?

I’ve relapsed for 8 months straight since my first trial of NoFap.

But there’s no try anymore now.
Either do rewire or go home.
Day 2 out of 1000.

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Day 6 out of 1000.
I find girls more attractive, I find myself kinda easier in chewing food, and I also find out and realize that the world is just as colorful, peaceful, and orderly as it is despite the selfish drivers.
Also, less sleep is needed and I feel less lethargy.
However, I have to stay out of girls who are too hot or else I spit out pre-cum without even touching my meat.