Message Board Mentions '@'

I’ve wanted to call out my companions using the ‘@’ symbol on the message board just like the forums. I’ve noticed many others who have wanted this feature too. So on behalf of all interested, I would like to request for the development of ‘mentions’ to be available on the message board too.

What do you think guys? In either case @Taher you’ve done really well man, thank you for making this app.

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Mentions alone won’t be enough, along with it goes a notification system and replies system, that takes time and I’m looking into it.

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I don’t understand why on Earth people want reply system in message board when there is a fully developed Forum just a swipe away. :thinking:
Do they want two forums?


I can’t argue with your logic haha

My idea behind it was… to call someone out if and before or after they’re relapsed doesn’t mattered… and to broadcast to the whole community that this person is doing great in which case learn from them or struggling in which case support them.

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