Mentorship University (Mentors Admissions open)

Regarding Art and music classes

Submit 1-2 Art per week (Till your Art Mentor gives you another assignment) and also your feelings and thoughts while drawing it.

Music students should tell which instruments are they learning or playing. They are needed to learn new thing once or per 2 Week depending upon the difficulty of the piece. They has to share it on the page, by writing or photograph (of you instrument playing- Photograph showing your identity is not recommend )

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@medicomonk Bro I had DM you with filled admission form for Mentees


@medicomonk bro I wanna be a vice mentor head. Sounds cool. Very innovative challenge by the way! I can see you put a lot of effort into it already! Much appreciated :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


@GOVIND-19 sure bro! Thank you very much
With great power comes great responsibility and vice versa.
Fill in the form and DM me.

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I don’t have to explain a lot do I? And can I just do it here?

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Sure. By your convenience.

@slavery yes I’ve seen it. No worries.

Replying to your questions:

To keep algorithm simple, initially only 2 classes Max. are allowed. We can expand as more Mentors join us.

You can join from the next assignment because many assignment will be repeated just like classes and you can join where you left. If you completed a particular assignment then you are allowed to join a new one.

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  1. I love coaching and teaching a lot. Especially things I love doing. And I see a lot of people here who might need guidance with their nofap journey and everyday lives. I just wanna help them

  2. I want the mentees to be physically healthy and mentally happy. Happiness should be the symbol of success and I hope I can guide them to happiness

  3. Well my current streak is 275 days and I’ve been working out for almost 2 years now and I have a lot of experience in physical education. So that’s something that I hope I can teach. Also I’m a good artist but not the best in my opinion so keep me as backup. But I love talking about philosophy and it’s the second subject that I wanna teach. I’m a 5th year law student and have studied a lot of philosophy

  4. Goal oriented because in the process of improvement, there comes a time when rewards are not seen. Aka a slump. So that usually discourages people. When people are goal oriented, they cannot stop until they get there

  5. Personally I don’t think nofap is something taht should be the primary goal of anyone. Nofap should be like a lifestyle which you don’t think about much. Something that happens in the background while you focus on doing things that make you happy. Yes, overcoming the addiction is important, but not the only thing. Building healthy habits and behaviour and emotional maturity is just as important. Also social skills. Those things one must develop, while nofap shouldn’t be the focus of one’s life and shouldn’t spend all day thinking about it


Bro! Although I loved every word you wrote but the last answer is worth displaying to everyone and is true in every sense.

Seeing that you have desire to help people and what it takes, I would be glad to appoint you as Vice Mentorhead of MU and you are allowed to take 3 classes, Sports, art & philosophy. Don’t worry about being perfect, it’s not about that.

Welcome to MU! :tada::bouquet: I’ll explain the roles later.


@slavery Bro I welcome you to MU as a new Mentee. . :tada:


@Plantaznik47 welcome to to MU bro! :tada:

After 15 Mentees the admission would be temporarily suspended till new Mentors come.


@medicomonk Thank you so much!

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Awesome!!! Great to be here! After 25 days I’m asking for a promotion just so you know! :wink::wink::joy::joy:


Bro you haven’t added me yet…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry bro but i think you haven’t read the first post yet.
You have to fill the form and send it to me. Then you’ll be added.

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Sure bro! Show your management skills and people skills and you’ll be promoted. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Okay. From today you’ll be mentoring the Mentees who fall into your class. @erenyaeger @ChristianMan
-you’ll be asking their well being and any struggle they are going through and help them through it
-you’ll be giving them assignments to do.

  • you’ll be general managing, like me, till we can afford more mentors and GM. Which means you’ll be given half of the Mentees to mentor till we have more staff. Till one more mentor comes, will keep the strength to 15 Mentees.
  • See that the students here graduate with 100 days.

All Mentees are required to submit their streaks today and also message their fellow classmates and mentors if they think they are likely to relapse today.


Hello fellow mentees and mentors… Day 1✅
:white_check_mark:School 7 hours
:white_check_mark:Church 1 hour
:white_check_mark:Recorded video 2 hours
:white_check_mark:Bike ride 30 minutes
:white_check_mark:Talking with family

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Hello Mentees and Mentors.

My current streak 0 DAYS 12 hours.

Today my day was very busy doing some important work, I’m still working on doing assignment tonight. No rest even at night after working whole day.

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My current streak

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