Back with a Bang!!! :facepunch: and with New Stuff…New Rules…New Knowlegde with fun

No Admission Interview this time :confetti_ball: because…

There is an ENTRANCE Test :rofl:this time to join the first ever University of Nofap Community.

:arrow_right: Read the whole post very clearly to pass the entrance test and join MU. You’ll find the test questions at the end :man_student: :woman_student:

:beginner: There will be a Background Theme :rainbow:every week or month. This theme has to be followed by everyone irrespective of their status as a mentor or mentee. This theme will be set by the admin. That’s me :red_circle:

The Theme would go on till every Mentee has participated in it. So if you want a New Theme, then motivate :muscle: other mentees to do their work. Then there is always a kick on the butt!! :mechanical_leg:

:trident: Like Harry Potter :mage: there would be :four: HOUSES : (according to your psychophysical nature)

  1. Gaia :earth_americas: (Physical)- Workout
  2. Psy :eye: (Mental)- Psychology
  3. Spirit :waxing_crescent_moon: (Spiritual)- Meditation, Spiritual science
  4. Intel :brain: (Intellect)- Philosophy, modern Science

Choose houses according to your preference. The Sorting hat takes account of your preference. You can change the house but only a few times. So think before you choose. :exclamation:

Mentors and Mentees alike are required to choose the Houses.

Where there are Houses, naturally there would be House Prefects. House prefects lead their houses to the Glory. To be a House Prefect 15 days semen retention is required. If a House Prefect relapses, one month time would be given to bounce back. A second chance. Then he/she would be replaced by another. Cut throat competition! :hocho: Hahaha…

Don’t worry, we’re not cutting any throats here. We’ll help each other.

:kaaba: The Room of Requirement needs:

House Prefects: more than 15 days
House Mentors: more than 25 days (complete celibacy needed- no peeking)
Head of Mentors (HOM): more than 60 days (complete celibacy)
Mr. President: more than 90 days (complete celibacy)

Oh :bangbang:1 more GOOD NEWS- There would be no Punishments for not doing your homework. :boom:

Being stuck in the addiction is enough a punishment.

Then there are CLUBS. Not dance clubs…nor fight clubs…

Made by the Mentees themselves consisting of :six: Mentees. You can discuss the name of the club you want to have within yourselves. The goal of the ACs is to have friends accountable to each other and responsible for each other. You’ll connect with your club friends and ask them about their well being daily. You’ll listen to their problems and try to solve it.
When you have decided to make a club, write your club name and names of the Mentees within it. (You’ll find a section below where you’ll edit the second post and write yourself)

No Mentee should have more than one club.

Now there is a dreaded ATTENDANCE :point_up: this time. (Mentees doing proxy will be hanged till death :skull:)

BBA (Before Bed Attendance)

  1. Log in before going to bed and check in if you were successful in doing no fap or not.

  2. Write only one thing that day which you were grateful for.

But if some naughty students don’t want to do it…their loss.

:closed_book: Classes for Everyone: RIGHT TO LEARN :black_nib:

Any Mentee can take part in any type of class they want as long as they want to.

Art & Craft
Meditation, Occult & Spirituality
Personality Development

:warning: Anyone Mentor or Mentee can teach these classes, provided they have knowledge and experience in these subjects. Proof :dash: poof! should be submitted to the admin before being allowed to teach the subjects. Proof could be either a certificate or just explaining why are you qualified to teach those subjects.

:love_letter: Suggestion Box: Drop your suggestions by DM’ ing the admin or Mr. President.

Take responsibility and do your own work: Add your name and update regularly.

And most important: you chicken!! :hatching_chick:

If you don’t want today to be your last day on earth, then don’t message the admin for joining MU without reading this 1000 pages of First Post.

You know nothing Jon Snow!! Therefore be HUMBLE :pray: in this group and answer the following entrance questions and wait for the exam to be clear. And don’t poke the admin for it every 5 minutes! :gun:
Your Ticket to get Entrance in MU: :door:

Q1. What is love to you?
Q2. Do you think if anything is possible, it’s still possible for anything to be impossible?
Q3. What music would you choose to play every time you walk into a room?
Q4. Do fish have a thirst for water?
Q5. Who are you really?
Q6. If man developed from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys?
Q7. If you punch yourself in the face and it hurts, are you weak or strong?
Q8. What do you usually think about while you are on the toilet?
Q9. Which superpower would you not want?
Q10. Will someone ever be able to live forever? Explain Death.

Rules will change because change is the only constant. So keep your eyes always on the sky. Which means…on the first post.


Don’t Post here!! This is the Second Post!!



  1. Rab_J
  2. Samaranjay
  3. Ryanthelion
  4. SirTryHard


House PSI :eye:

  1. Rab_J
  2. Ryanthelion
  3. The_Resilient_One
  4. ncaldwe22

House Sprit :first_quarter_moon:

  1. SirTryhard

House INTEL:brain:

  1. Meluha
  2. Samaranjay

House Gaia :earth_africa:


  1. @Sholt_Peterson @modernmedico

  2. @Yakuza @the_resilient_one

  3. @GOVIND-19 @prothekter_aden

  4. @Samaranjay @Ryanthelion

  5. @Rab_J @Bilal_M

Sorry for the late reply. Exams are coming.

Please speak with your accountability partners dails and ask them how they are doing personally


We’re starting with “Gratitude Week”.:pray: To be grateful for this year 2021 with it’s difficulties and solutions. We learned something.

To broaden your learning​:bulb:, join MU. Mind is powerful. Don’t seek instant pleasures. :eyes::x:

Join as a Mentor Or Mentee and see what this week brings you. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Welcome @Rab_J to MU.
Would you like to join as a Mentor Or Mentee?
Also please tell the Sorting Hat :tophat: in which house you belong.

Also don’t forget from today onwards to give attendance daily.

It’s good to know you read the whole post. That means you understand the rules. I’ve read your answers too. I understand your problem. I’ll address them in PM.

Based on your answers I think you either belong to Psi House or Intel house. But it’s your choice.

PS: @Samaranjay You are also welcome. You’ll be officially a MU student when you give the entrance exam.


Psi’s house,
And as a mentee
I’m on day 4,

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Hello, First of all it is commendable you have put so much effort in this challenge while promoting you university.

Could just add the difference between Mentee and Mentor!
It would be helpful.

And the question are so funny lol :joy:.


@BlackMagic123 Thank you for your words of appreciation.

Mentees are like students who need someone to mentor them- to guide them when they have problems and to listen to them.

Mentors are people who guide the Mentees from their struggle and experience of nofap. They share the methods and tips. They are responsible for the well being of their mentees.


Why are we starting from Gratitude Week?

Most of the people don’t know that many of the addictions arise indirectly from not having gratitude.

What it means that, when we are not grateful, which means we are not satisfied and the true happiness comes from the satisfaction. If you’re not happy, you’ll feel unhappy, you’ll feel every moment that something is lacking. You need to have that something. And you don’t know how to have that something so you try to have that by indulging in addictive pleasures.

So the first step is to learn how to be grateful. Which will make you satisfy with what you have and the current situation you are in.

And don’t confuse this with laziness as 90% of people will. You still have to improve yourself but with acceptance and by not being too hard on yourself.

What to do in Gratitude Week?
Write atleast 5-10 things daily of which you are grateful for. Even it was the worst day of life. The idea is to find good in worse, profit in loss, winning in losing.
You could either post the things you have written or just write in your personal diary and write yes in the WA (Work Attendance).

When it is starting?
It has already started.


Can I join as a mentee? I would prefer the Psy house I think, but it depends on what you think really.

Entrance questions:

  1. Love is patient, gentle, humble, kind, caring, compassionate, and selfless.

  2. I don’t think if anything is possible it is still possible for anything to be impossible.

  3. I would choose to play Lofi. Originally, I thought about picking my favorite song, but then I realized how annoying it would get. Lofi is more subtle, so hopefully it would not get so annoying.

  4. I don’t honestly know if fish have a thirst for water, but I assume they don’t. It is probably more relatable to a feeling of breathlessness that humans get when we lack oxygen. After all, the fish pee in the water, so it can’t be that tasty right?

  5. I am really just another person trying to overcome PMO and better himself so he can be successful like pretty much everyone here.

  6. Man didn’t evolve from monkeys. As a Christian, I believe 100% that God created us separate from monkeys.

  7. If you punch yourself in the face and it hurts, you aren’t weak. It’s normal to feel pain, but it’s about how you react to that pain. You aren’t necessarily physically strong either, since with a good form, anyone can probably hurt themself by punching their own face.

  8. Sadly, I usually think about PMO whenever I’m on the toilet. That’s usually where I get triggers. But I also think about my daily goals and whatever is overwhelming my thoughts at the moment.

  9. I would not want Ghost Rider’s superpowers. For those of you who haven’t heard of Ghost Rider, he basically sold his soul to the devil to save his Dad or something like that, and he had to work for the devil in return.

  10. I don’t believe that everyone will live forever on Earth. However, as a Christian, I believe that everyone spends eternity in heaven and hell after death. I have heard on cryogenics, but I don’t believe that works, or at least not any time soon.


Since these took me quite some time to answer I prefer to put them here rather than dm, here goes

  1. What is love to you?
    According to my experience it is such a strong feeling towards something or someone that we go beyond our limits for them.
  2. Do you think if anything is possible, it’s still possible for anything to be impossible?
    I would like to quote Murphy’s law here to which I gave a significant thought the other day, it states that “if anything can go wrong it will”, but as we think about it deeply it has two aspects, like the future is actually fixed, we can’t change it, so if something is supposed to go wrong it will or wrong or if something is supposed to not go wrong it won’t, but there’s no of of us telling this until we actually see the even happening, the same principle can be applied to this question.
  3. What music would you choose to play everytime you enter a room?
    I don’t have any specific choice, I am fine with the way things originally are but if I must I would play Mozart’s or Beethoven’s symphonies.
  4. Do fish have a thirst for water?
    Duh they live in water and survive because of water so they must have thirst for water but they won’t know this until they are plunged out of water.
  5. Who are you really?
    I am a soul residing in Samaranjay’s body at the moment and trying to make the best out of this body and enjoy my limited experience here on earth. (I believe in God and afterlife)
  6. If man developed from monkey, why do we still have monkeys?
    See in a species not every one will have that thirst to grow, some would have so they would grow while some prefer to stay the same. Probably this is the reason.
  7. If you punch yourself in your face and it hurts are you weak or strong?
    Neither, I am just stupid if I do this.
  8. What do you usually think about while you are in the toilet?
    Mostly the things I have to deal with later.
  9. Which super power would you not want?
    Seems impossible to answer without a choice, I’d have to decide this after seeing what the power offers, though story of Midas does come to my mind.
  10. Will someone ever be able to live forever? Explain death.
    Well as I said I believe in God and afterlife so I would say the soul lives forever. Soul resides in this body which is just a machine and just like every machine it will wear out sooner or later and when thag happens the soul leaves the body which we call death.

sorry to pinpoint this here, but its spelled gratitude instead of 'gratitute’:grimacing::grimacing:

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Thank you for correcting.:+1: I’ve corrected it.

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Hi Guys! Sorry for the late reply. I was a bit busy.

@Ryanthelion @Samaranjay Welcome to MU! Please add your name in the second post.

I’ll read your answers today.

Also please write your attendance and start doing the Gratitude assignment.

I’ll start adding my attendance from tomorrow 14.Dec. because tomorrow is my B’day and I’ll be resetting my counter to 0 and I’ll be starting monk mode which means no movies, no video games, no social media etc. I’ll be including some positive changes to substitute those things.

This is your MU so keep on posting regularly and participate actively. Welcome once again. Cheers. :+1:


Haha…I liked the fish answer. It’s good that you are a believer in the Divine. I think that belief is a gift that only comes to a few. Your music choice shows that you think before you speak and you think in long terms. Your answer to pain shows that you have a wisdom within you which is another plus point. Answer 9 shows you believe one can sell is soul to the devil. How that works? Do you think PMO has something to do with the devil? Don’t answer that now, it can be discussed in the spirituality and occult class.

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I just want to correct here- Love is an emotion, not a feeling- a subtle difference. Actually love is more than emotion but we understand it as an emotion. Answer second shows you have a scientific mind and when you were answering that question, you were thinking in terms of results. Your fish answer is good too. It’s amazing to see how everyone answers this question so differently. Ans 5 shows you believe in the Vedic tradition and know that you are not the body. But as everything, just knowing is not enough. We have to experience it.
Subsequent answers shows your scientific mind and your ability to answer diplomatically. Do you question yourself sometimes? Does your scientific mind conflicts with your spiritual attitude?
Choose the House and add your name to the second post.
Welcome :slight_smile: ! Cheers!



Thanks, but I don’t know how to add my name in the second post.

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My attendance:
NA - yes
WA: yes

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NA still alive
20 characters


NA: yes
HA: no
CA: yes
WA: I’ll do it right now.

Overall, the day was a success. Day by day…