Mental health issues

Hello guys, how do you deal with stress and anxiety? How to stay consistent without getting affected by external problems?

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I would tell you… But I’m actually going through exactly The same than you + Heavy depression and suicide ideas

Yet nobody is helping me…


Yo te puedo ayudar compañero. Este es mi wassap. Escribeme. +598 98044559 :muscle:

I am also suffering like you. This is because because of too much watching pmo. Our mind demanding for that dopamine again. So please don’t relpase, if you relapse then the suffering will increase dramatically.


Neither my depression, anxiety, stress nor suicide thoughts are related to my pmo addiction

Pmo is actually the less important of my issues right now

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You may think so but that is not the truth. Most of our negative thoughts are due to pmo , these are due to lack of heavy doses of dopamine. It’s hard to experience the truth when you are caught in the pmo habit . You will realise the truth after escaping this habit


Actually it’s vice-versa for me stress and anxiety leads to PMO to get away from it.

do guided meditation search isha kriya on YouTube and read book subtle art of not giving f*** and you are good to go


I am doing samvabhabi which I initiated by sadhguru this April. Trust me bro it’s like a light for me.

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Why don’t you share it what’s your problem then we might help you.

I honestly don’t think I can keep myself alive until this September

I’m going Through heavy Depression, Anxiety and stress. I’m actually a certified suicidal.

I’m not joking here, it is a serious thing

I might die this month if I don’t control myself.

I do need psychiatric help, we’re still looking for it since the beggining of this year

My country’s public health system is Useless. That’s why we haven’t found a psychiatrist yet…

I’m not exaggerating here, please believe me, I do have certified medical papers that certify all what I said above

I’m literally dying, and nobody even notice.
Let’s see if they notice when I’m gone

Hey, you can find psychiatrist online or there are many helplines. Please don’t loose hope. You can get out of this. Just get proper treatment.

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  • Meditation. Just use the Medito app
  • Clear your thoughts and think- how will stress help? Worry is just the misuse of imagination
  • If you go around feeling sorry for yourself or that you’re a failure or something, grow up. Keep thinking like that and that WILL happen to you. You can change how you think about yourself and that changes everything. Man up :+1:
  • Take some time to relax- with good activities like playing an instrument or talking to friends or playing a sport. Those help me the most.
  • Recall that stress is your body preparing you for tough tasks ahead- be grateful for the prep and take time to write down what is causing the stress and how you can act against it.
  • External problems will come and go. If you are strong internally then they don’t matter. If you resign yourself to a fate and think you’re ‘certified’ as a failure or something even the best circumstances can’t help you.

All the best :fire:
Vincit qui se vincit


Do some workout daily and you will face less issue like depression and anxity after relapse.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I will definitely try them :pray:

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Leave psychiatrist one can find god if one has will

Are your conscious that if I take your advice, and then I die, it would be your fault?

May I know how old are you?

What made you think you’ll do same mistake again?
What kind of depression, anxiety and stress you have can you be more specific?

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey