Meditation or dhyan (introduction)

Try meditation
But with proper technique.
Try to differentiate between
1 Your body(by consciously observing on your breath)
2 Your mind(by concentrating on your thoughts and then let go all your thoughts)
3 Atma or soul ( your true self, know that I am not the body that can see, hear, smell, taste, touch. I am not the mind that has ego, emotions, fillings, joy, sorrows, believes, opinion and memory. I am the ATMA which has no birth, no death, no emotion only bliss.
We had a body and mind as a tool. It is totally on us how we use it. Suppose you have a sharp knife you have noticed that whenever you use that knife to cut something the knife miss out some of its sharpness. You fill bad about that and you stop cutting as you don’t want to lose the sharpness. But the knife was made not to stay sharp forever. The purpose of making that knife sharp was because to cut things. But you are so attached to the sharpness that you forgot the real purpose and the fact no matter how you use it, it will lose all its sharpness one day. :slightly_smiling_face:
That knife is your body and mind
The sharpness is your ego, emotions, screen color,body shape, meterial things (like money,car,lusty desire etc)

Cutting means knowing the truth (atma or soul and one more thing…)

And You are the ATMA.

Don’t get attached to the body and the mind they are just tools. Use them properly.

And be blessed.

Change the vision.

Life is very beautiful😊.

(Sorry for the English)

( I am 19 years old still learning and there is no end.Sorry if I say anything that’s hurts.)

We have no idea how beautiful life is!
Let’s try to find out . :heart::heart::heart:


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