Maximum Effort - The Last Challenge You'll Need (ENTRIES OPEN)

As most of you know by this point: I don’t count days, for a number of reasons which we’ll get to somewhere in this challenge. But that’s just one of the things I think about sexual purity. This challenge is built around my knowledge and understanding, so it will grow with me, and with you.

As always here’s dem rulz:

  • Give it your all, “Maximum Effort” - Deadpool

  • “Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Deadpool isn’t exactly the best role model for sexual purity lol, but that’s not the point. The point is I like his quote, because he says that after he forgets something for battle and has to deal with what he has. Then he goes in and destroys everybody with two katanas. I want you to take after him and give this run your maximum effort, if you fall then get up and run because even Deadpool, an immortal man, has taken some hard blows, but he always gets up (mainly because he can’t die, but you get what I’m saying lol). We can’t die physically from sexual sin so we always have a chance to get up, but if you’re giving this journey “maximum effort” we can’t not win. No more trying, let’s start doing.

Here’s the goal of the challenge:

Freedom, that’s all I’m asking for, no big deal :rofl:. Nah but seriously the goal is to get free, no matter how hard it will be. So this challenge will last a while. I’ll be sharing as much advice as I can on sexual purity to help everybody out.

Things you might need to know:

I’m a Christian so I’ll talk about God quite a bit, if you’re not a Christian or that’s not your mojo I’ll try and guide you that way, but never force you. Just look into Christianity. Even if you never come to God I’ve still got advice for you, because I want to help you live your best life(even though God can give you a better one ;))

Answers to FAQ’s:

  • You can update whenever you want, updating every day is not required. Work on your own terms man.

  • No, we will not be counting days.

  • But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
    Matthew 5:28 NKJV, so yes. Peeking and edging is a “relapse”. I don’t like that word. You don’t lose when you relapse so don’t treat it that way.

Just because there’s no punishment for commiting a sexual sin at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t be punished later, but there is hope. God will forgive you. And even though God will forgive you for your sins, this is no excuse to go at it again. There’s a balance there. Don’t dwell in guilt, understand what you did was wrong and try harder, because you weren’t giving your “maximum effort”.

That’s basically it my dudes and dudettes. Let’s get it! :muscle:

Entries are always open :smiley:

Freedom Seekers

Side Challenge: Read a book this week :slight_smile:

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Entries are open!! Anybody interested?

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Well if nobody wants to join I’ll just do this challenge myself lol. I understand though, there are a lot of challenges that people are involved in so it’s alright.

Friday, September 9th, 2022
Today was roughhhh. Like it was really bad… I’ve began not to care about the way I act and I’m starting to consider some really bad things. I’m starting to see how bad it is though, that’s a good thing. I need something to clear up for me. I finished the book I was reading on sexual purity and it was really good, but when you want sexual pleasure so bad nothing phases you so the book won’t do me any good unless I want to quit 100%. That’s where I need to work on. We’ll get through this guys. Update you all soon!

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You can tag some people if you want to. Some people might not have seen this challenge.

I got involved in a lot of challenge here :sweat_smile:. But I’ll surely join if some of the challenge ends

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Nah bruh, the challenge already has over 40 views. People just don’t want to join which is ok. Imma just keep updating here and sharing my knowledge. If at least one person looks at it and it helps them then I’ve done my job.

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Hey man , Dont get discouraged. In one of the challenges I am conducting, It has about 934 veiws and only 23 people are participating.

And from that only 5 or 6 people are actively there. It doesn’t mean my challenge is a trash. I saw some people improving and I believe my challenge has some influence in them.

During the start of my challenge, there were only 4 participants, I tagged some people and got 10 more. With time in progress, 9 more were added.

Tag more and you will get more. Don’t get afraid to being rejected.


I am interested in this challenge…yes to sexual purity


Hi! I’m excited to have you! Welcome :slight_smile:


Its the best way to staying pure and helping generation unborn

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If we are not counting days, then it’s a lifelong commitment… powerful

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I like the way you put that. Maybe I’ll talk about why I don’t count days first.

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I’ll join too! Time to go to the MAX :muscle:


But I’m a bit curious as to this"no_thought" challenge for the following reasons…

  • how do we become accountable to each other…

  • the beauty of this challenge will fade out with time if no proper deadlines are set and improved upon over time…

  • I will appreciate if a time can be set aside everyday to air what each of us has achieved each day not as a means to brag, but to keep ourselves conscious of the fact that we have eyes watching…

  • the long days are well appreciated but I will say why don’t we break it down to specific little days and celebrate our little wins, then improve upon it…

  • if growth was easy individually, there won’t be need for this challenge, but if we can grow together, commitment to ourselves is of utmost importance…

  • I personally love this challenge but will like us to look at the little details that may reduce the vigour of the members as time goes on.


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Update: My life is a mess… I need to figure something out for you guys so we can get rolling, but I really need to work on myself. I wish I was a better role model, but I’m really not a great guy anymore. I told my girlfriend that I wished that I wasn’t a Christian anymore. I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t a Christian or in the present: barely holding on to my morals. I’m like an inch away from either forcing myself on my girlfriend, or breaking up with her and hooking up with random chicks. And I don’t want to force myself on my girlfriend, so I either fix this or we’re done. I can’t expose her to any more of the nightmare I’ve become. I can read as much as I want about addiction, but nothing ever talks about what to do when you don’t care enough anymore to even want to quit. I’m way too close to giving up, and I know if I do I may never even come back. What happened to me? I’m not who I used to be. I guess y’all shouldn’t even call me ChristianMan anymore. I’m just SinfulMan at this point. I’m going to try not to sleep tonight. I don’t deserve sleep. I’ve got some decisions to make. I’m not pushing it off anymore. I’m giving myself until I’m 16 to fix something. And if I don’t then I give up. I wish my younger self could see me now. I’m such a disappointment. What did God want to do with me anyways? Anyways. That’s all out of me guys. I hope something goes well in your life. I’d take your pain if I could, because there’s not much lower than this. Peace be with you.

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Honest truth; we can’t. We can really only do so much pn an online forum. The best we can do is update eachother and give advice and raise eachother up. I think it would be best if you find some irl accountability partners. Real human connection is very important. It’s easier to open up here because it won’t affect you. You’ve gotta take action. Like everybody in my life knows about my addiction pretty much. And even now I still need to take advantage of my accountability partners.


I disagree. I think every day is a deadline. There’s no certain point we need to get to be free. Every decision matters. Especially the small ones we make every day. I want everyone to learn how to make good decisions every day, eventually the small decisions will become big, life-altering changes. Those decisions will make you a better person.

Yeah that sounds good! The reason I don’t require people to post everyday is because we all have different lives and I know it may be more convenient if people would post as much as they can.

That’s what I was saying about the small decisions before this. And yeah we need to celebrate, but we need to keep ourselves balanced so we don’t get too cocky.

Yeah, but like I said there’s only so much we can do on an online forum. I think we should do the best we can considering the circumstances.

Like what?

I hope some of that made sense. I want this challenge to succeed too, and I’ll try my best to do that. I just haven’t really got this challenge started.

Trying my best to keep this challenge alive, but no one is active so I’ll just keep updating what’s going on with me. I got a black eye and had to get stitches because of Soccer so that’s fun lol. My girlfriend and I went on another date and I threw up after dinner. But I’m fine after both of those and I feel healthy so it’s no big deal I’m just taking a few blows and it’s probably God trying to get my attention. I decided that I’m agnostic. At least for the time being. I’m still drawn to Christianity, but I’m not making any decisions because I think it might just be tradition trying to get to me. I’m just too scared to make such a big commitment to Christianity because if I’m wrong I may suffer for all of eternity. But I also feel as if logic isn’t the way to go when choosing a religion because scientists will always find a way to prove someone wrong. Which makes choosing religion scary because I’m a firm believer in this thing I came up with: “If you believe in anything hard enough it will become real for you”. So I don’t know how to choose my religion because honestly I’m scared and too lazy to look into anything other than Christianity. And I don’t wanna learn a whole other language for Islam and what not. I guess I should just try Christianity and see if it’s true. And I don’t really think Islam works because there are a lot of verses that look like they were stolen from the Bible and the logic behind it seems wrong, but again I don’t think logic is always the best way to go. But yeah that’s my life rn. I’m scared. So I need to make something happen. Love y’all.

I’ll hop back into this! I joined an MMA gym and it feels amazing to be able to release so much energy, truly wear myself out and sleep peacefully. I’m struggling right now to center myself in my journey against PMO, trying to gain some motivation.

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Religion can be so helpful for many, but also conflicting or even frightening for others. It took me a long time and lots of learning before I came around to Buddhism, but perhaps studying the works of Stoicism could provide some guidance. Despite beliefs or traditions, being a good person is always a great way to live one’s life.

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