Maturity = no fap

Do you guys noticed that by doing no fap we are more mature? More serious, more manly, more courageous. Our physiology changes to the better. I curious your view about it :slight_smile:


I become more muscular :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I still need to be more mature to completely stop this…
I am on a journey to become mature and successful with my diary.


Work on it. Work on be more stable. When you tell something, not change your point of view. Read about self-worth. Read the book “the way of man” it should help you. @Pandeybro


I think, you become you. You don’t become what someone else wanted you to become. You awake, you realize that you’re not what your parents,friends and the society had told you. You want to erase the impressions that people/society/parents had given on your mind that this is bad this is good, if you do this you will regret it follow my advice. You want freedom, you know what to do.



My longest streak yet is a mere 14 days, while TRYING to quit,
but even that has had such a great impact on me

Even trying and failing at NoFap is making a better person. Now, imagine what i would be like if I actually am totally free.

Even trying to quit makes us infinitely better than the people who we were before brothers.

So true. You stop being a slave. You get more free. I’m becoming more and more of truly me.
NoFap enhances our Being, the physical improvements are a definite bonus. :grin:


this is so true. ive become more aware of whats happening and having the time analyse things the way i supposed to.

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