Masturbation and productivity

Hi, i’m new to this app, M25

does anybody feel the same with me??

Every single day, i’m forced to choose between masturbation and productivity (doing stuff, study, etc)

So, if i have an exam, i need to masturbate in order to study properly. Meanwhile, if i want to stop masturbate, i can’t do anything productive (i watch youtube whole day, lying down on my bed doing nothing, eating a lot of chocolate, etc)

Its a Compulsive Behaviour.
Freedom is what Nofap gives us.
Freedom to live & respect your life


If it hasn’t happened yet you’ll get so tired from masturbating you’ll realize your energy is being wasted. You’ll want to have energy to be productive.

You will always have time to masturbate. Being productive isn’t about staying busy, it’s about doing things that keep you motivated.


That’s a great observation, so congratulations on being good with observing yourself.

I have had the same experience myself. Think of it as any addiction. If you are a smoker, you need to smoke in order to feel calm, to concentrate, etc. It takes months if not years of deaddiction to train your body to rehabilitate. In the meanwhile, you may have to make a sacrifice in terms of productivity, output, even life and career choices. A strong man has it in him to make smart but tough choices. I personally have made my choice to sacrifice short term productivity for a life that doesn’t require me to masturbate to feel calm, and things have turned out well for me.

Moreover, though you may feel that you need to masturbate in order to relax and be productive, often you feel crummy anyway after you give in to the urge - so that’s something to keep in mind as well.


Wow, thank you guys
Your comments really motivates me toward my goals

Knowing that somebody else out there has same problem with me and reading their stories makes me feel motivated :slight_smile: