Masturbation and beung social

Why does over-masturbation makes you unintrested in being social?

Hey there,

I think it’s a connection of multiple factors, and they don’t all apply on everyone. Some people still watch porn and are being social.

First, it’s because of the shame cycle. Watching a lot of porn isn’t something you talk about, especially when you are addicted. Still, it means a lot to you and you spend a lot of time on it, which inadvertently makes you feel like you hide something. Like there is a big part of you that people don’t know and will never know, and that results in you feeling disconnected from the people around you.

Also, being social takes effort and energy. If you don’t have that energy but still interact with people, you won’t get anything positive out, you’ll just feel drained. And since that’s a negative feeling, and negative emotions are exactly what most of us treat with the addiction, it keeps pushing you back.

Last and for me most importantly, it shifts your perception. You are not only what you think, you make your environment what you think. If you watch a lot of porn, you start to think in terms of how the world works in porn movies.
You pay attention to the wrong things and miss the important social signals.
Think of it like that: you normally can’t take everything around you in. You filter. If you look out the window and like nature, you’ll see the gardens, and if you like animals, you’ll see the pigeons on the roof, and if you like music, you don’t see that much but remember that song from last night.
Same with this. You talk to someone and just look at how she or he would fit in the world presented in porn, but you miss that they are interested in your life, or concerned, or that they just tried to be close to you…
That’s just an example, but it applies to so much…you just interpret everything around you a bit differently, and that results in a really unsatisfying experience for you.

At least that’s what I think about it


Everything is related to Dopamine, the “feel good” chemical. You Mastrubate excessively, meaning your dopamine needs are getting complete through fapping and also after a while, your appetite for Dopamine increases, which cannot be satisfied by other activities like studying, working out, socializing etc, which are low dopamine releasing activities. Hence you lose interest in everything else but fapping.