Masturbation addiction

We who have fallen into the habit of masturbation are often plagued with guilt / frustration. Without a doubt, this can give us the incentive to overcome the habit. But excessive guilt can be counterproductive. It can make us feel so discouraged.

But we have to strive to put the matter in perspective. As we know, masturbation can be fun, but it’s also very addictive and it can turn us into its slaves. It can totally take over us by becoming part of our daily routine. The key is to resist the urge and never to give up the fight!

It is easy to become downhearted after a relapse. A temporary setback does not make us a wicked person. So let’s not give up. Instead, let’s analyze what led us to the relapse, and try to avoid repeating the same pattern.

We can do it guys!
And remember, a fall while running does not mean that we have to start over​—nor does a relapse with masturbation erase the progress that we’ve already made

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Yep, stay strong guys, it’s difficult at first but once u pass 2 weeks it’s get slightly easy. And with time you won’t have as bad urges making more easy to stay clean but you gotta be patient and stay clean.

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