Masturbation a sin

Why it’s a sin

  1. Most of the time you access a porn and watch it, you see a prostitute or pornstar having illicit affair with another pornstar which gives you errection because you don’t see it in reality.
    This gives your mind a wrong idea that it can be possible and they spread this poison in categories like milfs, cheating, moms, bullies, hardcore, rough etc.
    As a result when you really falls in love with someone and you want to bring her love your brain gets confused because of the stimulation you give to your organ from pmo. This causes problems like lack of complete erection and porn induced erection.
    It’s a sin as you corrupt your mind with wrong content and you promote watching such bad content.
  2. 70℅ of internet traffic is porn.
    As a result we are promoting a culture of child sellers and sex trafficking to nurture by supporting such videos. The women in porn are almost treated as a lowly creatures craving for sex which is opposite in the real world.
    It’s a sin as you are promoting child sellers and sex trafficking. Do you like to see porn of your closed ones. Noooo then why do you think someone would like to show his porn to you. Maybe they have no option to earn.
    Who created this option?
  3. The harsh reality is that porn cuts you off from real relationships with women as you find them no longer hot like the porn stars.
  4. Porn leads to masturbation which is actually a wastage of life force. Just imagine how powerful is your semen as it could give birth to a new living creature of your dna and you waste this fluid casually.

Wonderfully written…

We have to take active efforts to get out of this habit as soon as possible…


This is a hard journey as no one tells this in school as they think it’s a taboo but one should have a strong will power and friends like you all who are all together on the journey to stop pmo