Master Challenge

Moderator : @vickyx

Rules of the game.

  1. Irrespective of where you are at in your streak, this game starts when you join this challenge. So all your previous glory wont be included here.

  2. This challenge includes a series of challenges. Each challenge includes 15 days of No PMO. After 15 days, another challenge restarts. First 15 days will be referred as " challenge 1" and next 15 days will be referred as " Challenge 2 and this repeats.

  3. Every 15 days you reach, you will get this " :+1:" and each time you relapse, you will get “:-1:

  4. So, all your history will be visible on your scoreboard. Every :+1: means you got “+15” points and every :-1: means, your score is “-15”.

  5. One season consists of 10 challenges, which is 150 days. Only upward and downward thumbs will be mentioned for challenges. Final scores would be mentioned at the end of a season. One season consists of 150 days, which means 10 Challenges per season, for a total of 150 points.

  6. Every 150 days, one winner will be declared, the one with highest number of points. After that, season 2 will start, score board will reset and winner of the previous seasons will be mentioned in the scoreboard.

  7. So basically one :-1: means you lost a month of progress. Because you will have lost that 15 days challenge and you nullified your previous win.

  8. For example, if I crossed one 15 day challenge called challenge 1, relapsed on first day of challenge 2, I will be out for the next 14 day period of challenge 2 and my score board will be like this “:+1::-1:” and total points would be +15-15=0. Lets say I crossed the next challenge which is challenge 3 and crossed challenge 4 too. Then my score card will be looking like this.

@JonSnow001 : :+1::-1::+1::+1:
So your overall progress will be seen here. Total points would be +15-15+15+15 = 30 out of gettable 60. So one relapse nullified your another win.

  1. Anyone that joins late in a season will earn 100% of the points of the previous challenges, provided they join before challenge 5 of that season. If the new one joins after the challenge 5 of a particular season, he will get 50% of the total points of the previous challenges, rounded off to the nearest and highest multiple of 15.

  2. If a new one joins anytime in the midst of a particular challenge, he will get :+1: only if he crosses the remaining of 15 days without a relapse, and his points would be 15 and it doesn’t matter what day he joins.

For example,

Season 1 will have

Challenge 1, Challenge 2 and so on till Challenge 10.
If a person joins on 5th day of challenge 3,

His challenge one score would be :+1:, challenge 2 would be :+1:. His challenge 3 would be :+1: only if he finishes next 10 days without a relapse.

If a person joins on 13th day of challenge 4.

His scoreboard would be :+1::+1::+1: till challenge 3, he will get another :+1: for challenge 4, provided he crosses next two days without a relapse.

For example if a person joins on 3rd day of challenge 6.

His score would be 50% of points till challenge 5,rounding off to nearest and highest multiple of 15. That means (15x5)/2 = 37.5. Nearest multiple of 15 would be 30 and 45, highest one would be 45, so his scoreboard will look like :+1::+1::+1: until challenge 5 and then he can get another :+1: for challenge 6, provided he finishes his next 12 days without a relapse.

  1. In this thread, feel free to interact with other forum members, share, ask queries. Any bad behavior will mean, he/she wont enter any future challenges/seasons.

  2. Just to avoid confusion, if anyone didn’t understand the rules,
    Write your post in this format.

Joined - 3rd day of challenge 4.
Cleared challenges - 5,7
Relapsed challenge - 6.

One of us will update your scoreboard.

  1. As I wont be too regular in this app, I am looking for a moderator for this challenge, someone that can update the scoreboard, someone thats regular, someone that understands the rules and explains to the ones with doubts. When he /she feels like they wont be regular at some point, he/she can pass this job to another. Let me know if someone is ready. As I only need one, please dont mind if I didn’t select some of you guys. You are all a part if it anyway. I will take my time before selecting one though, to make sure if he/she is regular.

  2. On the event of a moderator not responding or updating the scoreboard (yes that includes me too), give him 16 days time and after that, any of you can copy paste the scoreboard, take charge and can keep this challenge alive.


Season 1, challenge 1 is between 10th jan to 24th jan
Season 1, challenge 2 is between 25th jan to 8th feb
Season 1, challenge 3 is between 9th feb to 23rd feb
Season 1, challenge 4 is between 24th feb to 10th march
Season 1, challenge 5 is between 11th march to 25th march
Season 1, challenge 6 is between 26th march to 9th April
Season 1, challenge 7 is between 10th April to 24th April
Season 1, challenge 8 is between 25th April to 9th may
Season 1, challenge 9 is between 10th may to 24th may
Season 1, challenge 10 is between 25th may to 8th june.

Season 2 will begin from 9th June.

Scoredboard will be updated here:
JonSnow001 :
vickyx :
apipgans :
letsgocity :
Kaizen :
Dean_Ambrose :
Shubh786 :
vedantsingh :
I_am_stronger :
Busyman : :-1:
Yash24 :
vedsarkushwaha :
Iron_shadow : :-1:
ssuman :
chan1996 :
BN03 :
Yitzchak : :-1:
Consecrator :
onepunchman : :-1:
_Anuj_A1 :
leoncito :
NoFapNoDepression : :-1:
Saiyyanking :
pranav56 :
dingan :


I’m in :raising_hand_man:t2:


Are the rules clear @vickyx ? I mean, I am not sure how clear my explanation is, so…

Thread is quite long, but people will understand as things will process. Good challenge btw :+1:

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Ah, thanks :+1: @vickyx

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I am in

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Welcome, I hope that I see your name changed to “Story of a great winner”, someday.


Ya currently I am a loser…

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Sorry that you feel that way bro.

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No I am quite lazy.
Does’nt matter

Anyway, Welcome to the Master Challenge bro… :raised_hands:


Thanks to you.

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Guys, I changed rule no.10 to make the game much simpler. Check it out.

" Anyone that joins in the middle of a challenge, can complete remaining days of that challenge period and he will get a :+1: ". It doesn’t matter if he joins on the first day or 14th day.


I’m in in this challenge

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I can do as a moderator if you need any help in maintaining the scoreboard. I’m regular ever since I joined. :+1:

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Welcome… @apipgans

I know you are regular bro, @vickyx… Will definitely keep that in mind. :blush::+1: Also, thank you.

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hey let me join the challenge bro


Welcome to the challenge bro @letsgocity