Massively broke my streak. Advice is very welcome

I’ve been addicted to porn for at least 16 years. I’m at the point where I see it as a problem and want to experience more in life than depending on PMO to feel satisfied and free of stress. Its been a little while since I felt it was a crippling addiction, but I’ll be honest; its starting to creep up on me again.

Before discovering this community, I was able to last 21 days without. Then about a couple weeks ago I started again and only lasted 7 days before breaking my streak. The pathetic thing about it is I started PMO every day since I broke my streak. I feel more than powerless. I feel weak and like there is no end to this.

Its so difficult to stay away from the temptations. Smartphones, and internet make it so easy to break my streak. Just this idea of how quickly someone can access this content is terrifying and I feel incredibly intimidated from this challenge.

Where do you all get your strength from?
Does anyone have advice for me?


I don’t know man…
Try this: Never be alone… (Doesn’t imply if you’re livin alone)… Just always be with someone when you’re using phone and internet… Never close your room’s door… Why would you close it? To change the dress? Then open the door after changing…
PS, you can close it, just don’t lock it… Worked for me…

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hey mate i feel you i think most of us still are or atleast have been there -.-^

one nfo for oyu jsut so you know:
curently you are stuck in the chaser effect.

aftera “relatively long streak” one tends to go on a PMO streak… that is normal since our bran craves the stimulus. so one peek is always once to many…
you can goolge that :slight_smile: many hae faced the same issue you are not alone with this or defective or broken or weak… we are jsut wirde that way and that is okay.

and regarding you trying to quit the will power emthod works but there is an easier method: the easy peasy way to quit porn helped me alot check this out

here is a free PDF and a free audiobook

best regards you can do this


I started listening to The Easy Peasy Way the same day you replied to me. It’s really changed things for me. The process of undoing the brainwash is incredible! Its been 5 days of no PMO and aim having a much better time than ever. Its weird when I try to figure out why it was so difficult before. Somehow this is easy and life is more enjoyable already. I know things will only get better from here. Thank you very much for recommending this to me. You’ve completely changed things for me.


I am glad to hear that,
Keep enjoying yourself that is key.

And when you have a hard time just re read a chapter!

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