Married And Nofab recovery

Hi there… I am 27.

I was at day33 on Nofab (hard mode), I got married 10 days ago. I am away from PMO. Today is day 43. I do sex with my partner. Now I don’t need PMO anymore.

I was at nofab because of my physical and mentaly recovery. Will I get recovery while having sex with my partner and don’t use PMO.


YES YOU WILL RECOVER… But stay away from PMO. You will get urges to watch porn but don’t watch it bro. Adjust to the sex. Everything will be alright.


Can you tell me how much it will take a full recovery.? I have suffered 5 years from this addiction (PMO).


Most people agree it take 90 days for brain to rewire. But to completely quit, heal and adjust to new normal Dopamine lifestyle, it takes 2 years.
But you don’t need to concern with time.

Just accept that porn and masturbation is a false promise of pleasure. It has no hold over you. You have the real thing in your life now. You cannot imagine sex with another women on screen without betraying your wife and marriage. Think of porn and masturbation as bad, negative and pain that you need to stop doing to yourself.
Think of your sexual and romantic life with your wife as REAL, PLEASURABLE AND SATISFACTORY, something that you don’t want to lose.
You cannot relapse if you don’t want to.
Forget about how long it will take, don’t count the days, make the days count. People who didn’t fixed the root cause relapsed even on high streaks of 600 days so counting streak is worthless. But people who accepted noPMO as a lifestyle, made positive healthy habits and replaced bore time with pre-planned activities and understood that they don’t need PMO and PMO is fake and temporary and always causes sadness and depression, THEY NEVER RELAPSED!!!
Just forget about PMO. That part of your life is behind you. You are a new person. You have now your wife to satisfy you. You have to satisfy your wife and not just you.

I would recommend reading the easy peasy book. It will really help you.

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Thanks bro :blush: I have downloaded this book. I will understand and apply this information.

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