Married, 39, In Therapy Seeking Companion

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Age - 39
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Why I want a companion - I have had great success on my own over the years, and great failures. I finally sought a therapist when my marriage was in jeopardy. This is a very personal and very intense struggle, and I finally recognize that I cannot do it alone. I have been PMO for over 25 years. Looking for a similarly conflicted individual for real talk and real support.

Also, I am new here, and that likely isn’t my sharing code. Can’t find it on the app. Please advise.

I am also new here. I am 45 years old and married for 20 years. I got this code 7225df. Hopefully you can do something with this. I understand English very well and write it pretty well. I live in Belgium and actually speak Dutch.If that is not a problem for you, I would like to be your companion.Greetings Koen

Thanks to the stranger who helped me find my code. Please, add me.

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Feel free to add me.
I’m going through a lot of life problems right now as well. The burden is easier to carry together.

Age 30

Okay I am a moron. I can’t see how to add companions.

There is a my companion tab on the right of your counter screen, there is a three dot button on the bottom right, you can add from there

Basically the same place from where you got your sharing code, just above it there is an add companion option

Thanks for the training wheels

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