[MarcinhBR] 🔥 Day 1 -----> 1000 days? (Hard Mode)

Today is my first day of my streak in hard mode (no PMO), and I have a goal at the very least… crazy, which is 1 day, reach 10 days, and then reach 1000 days. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to make it, but I intend to, i hope I can. But as I get to these numbers, I’m posting and saying my experiences, but I’ve already warned that it’s been quite difficult and I’ve thought about falling several times, but I’m still firm.

-Day 1 :white_check_mark:
-Day 10 :x:
-Day 100 :x:
-Day 1000 :x:


Good luck but be careful.

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Thank you, I’ll try.

It is great your are trying to make it past 1000 days. Perhaps, you just relapsed and have brain fog, and the effects of dopamine and not at work. Which is usually when we make these types of goals. While that is a good thing. I suggest to start small. Little by little progress is made. Don’t focus on the days, because you’ll end up thinking you have to beat a certain amount of days to know you’re free from the slavery of pmo. Instead, know that you are free. Your last relapse was the day you quit. And instead of waiting until day 21 or day 90 to feel free. Know you’re free now.

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Man, thanks for the advice, I do have to notion that I have to start small and not make this kind of crazy goal, only at the moment I felt inspired and confident, I did more because I had a strong motivation, because if it was a motivation of days, I would think “I’m going to fall now, I can do that goal later” , but this is something let’s say my personal, do not recommend anyone do, but I did because I like challenges and really do not want to fall into the pmo ever again. Even so, thanks for letting me know, I could be a person who had no idea of this, and you wanted to help me and give me some advice, I’m very grateful for that, really, your intention was good. But yes, really, I don’t need to get to 1000 days to know that I’m free, it’s just a goal, anyway, thanks man, I hope we can one day be free of this slavery.

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