Making my way out of shame: Confession Thread [Day 64]

This is a thread to confess to strangers what you wouldn’t say out loud because it would be embarrassing and your pride would be damaged.


Every single day since i started my rewire journey my own mind has plagued me with fear of inadequacy in order to inspire my past behavior of seeking porn due to my low self esteem.

I was raised to be ashamed by any flaw and when i became a teenager it would seem that being flawed gave license to physical and emotional abuse.

My penis isn’t thick. If i was called out on it i would not argue. My addiction has me obsessed over the bigger penises i have watched penetrate women i would love to sleep with. I struggle not to look at the crotches of men in public or on tv or on advertisements.

My self esteem is low because the people around me, back in the day, kept talking about their sexual prowess around me which in turn warped my idea of a healthy relationship. They had acceptance without working for it which made me dwell on my insecurities and not work on them.

My mind tricks me into believing there isn’t a reason for my existence because a woman loves a thick penis man and would only lie and manipulate a man like me as she dreamed of what she really wanted.

I have to battle my own mind everyday to return myself to sanity and remember i belong here and i have to challenge other men for the right to mate.

I continue to work on myself for the sake of the love of my life who will one day show me that my idea of relationships were for experiencing acceptance, love, and faith or else my god would not have made me a sexual extroverted being.

I can be glad i went through what i did because i know ehat i don’t want from relationships.


This is False.
Don’t assume it because some women in the videos say so. In Real World its not about How thick a Men Penis is.

My women never complained about my penis and i dont have a thick penis.

If you truly love a women. She would stay with you for her whole life without even need for sex.

Dick size & shape dont matter… unless you are obsessed about sexual pleasures.


Sahas, I am so grateful for your response. You have helped strengthen my fight against my addiction that distorts my thinking. You have also filled me with hope as well. I wish you good luck in tour own battle as well.


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I don’t want to say all their confession but I just want to say loud and don’t shame to confess.
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