Major communication and connection bug

Hello dear programmers,

I just realized a fault in the way how one can connect to a user from the pinboard to the forum. When you scroll along the pinboard and click on a user’s profile, you can see his posts, points and all. But there is a difference. If you do NOT follow the person, you can additionally click on a link called “view on forum”. And this gives one the chance to write a message to that person.
But if you follow the user, you can’t view his profile in the forum. That’s somehow not making sense.
I just realized in my companion list, that a companion I care about has relapsed, I wanted to click on his profile and connect to him in the forum to write him, but it’s not possible.
Please put this option in, or think of another way to message a companion. Would be great.

Thanks and kind regards.



Edit: I checked closer, if a companion follows you also, one can actually click his link on forum.
So the only bug is that you can’t click on someone’s forum profile if you follow him onesided.

Edit 2 : OK now I’m confused, I checked again. So its randomly showing the option in some profiles and not in others… Does this mean a user has to additionally activate and connect his profile to the forum in the first place?

If that’s the case you can just delete the whole thread.

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Yes this is the case