Main reason for relapses

So i want to ask everyone what the main reason why you relapse and what causes it …is it loneliness depression or something else .
Write down below what your main problem is and people can write the answer and how to deal with it down below :slight_smile:

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The main reason for relapsing is putting the blame on other factors « oh my day was bad, oh i’m angry, oh i’m not feeling good today, my phone and pc are causing me to do it, oh it’s social media and not me… » rather than facing and fighting the addiction.
We addicts find execuses fast and easy because we don’t want to put the blame on ourselves because that reality is grim and we run away from it.
And just to make things clear, in the addiction world depression and anxiety are the aftermath and not the reason to relapse… The root to depression and anxiety is PMO or any other strong addictive issue.
You can reduce anxiety with things as simple as few minutes of cardio and after that things will get easier.


Maybe you trained so hard you got bald :wink:


For me, I just wanted the withdrawal symptoms to end but if I had persevered a few more weeks I would have been cured.
So lame reasons were my cause of relapse. Our mind makes all sorts of wierd logics to relapse.


The main reason is we fear

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Sorry to hear that my friend and i hope you’re doing much better than before.
Let me clarify more stuff about what i said.
I’m talking about the ones who are fighting addiction" the normal folks" , they become depressed and after years they think they’re on PMO because they’re depressed or anxious while in fact it’s the otherway around and that’s because you feel like you don’t have control over yourself and you feel lost and hopeless let alone the fact that you keep breaking promises after you tell yourself you will never use PMO again and that will destroy yourself worth… i can keep going and going with this…
As i said i was talking about the normal ordinary folks,
But depression can be caused by a tragedy like losing a loved one or a shock you get in life and that’s true and completely understandable.
You talked about your training not going the way you wanted it, the solution is taking a break. All people should take a break for their mind and body to get reorganized and then go back and go hard while enjoying every bit of it. And what about going bald !! Bro that’s never an issue a man can go bald and still look good after a good shave, i have bald and short friends and they look awesome, you don’t have to care what people think of you because in the end on the day their opinion won’t matter, you have more important stuff in life than these people, just work hard and your success will shut them up.
Let me point something out, depression in feeling the “nothingness” you won’t express no joy and no sadness, you become blue… you lose touch with everything while faking it, so maybe you won’t agree with me but you’re slightly depressed but really sad and angry and not fully depressed.
what makes us depressed is the way we perceive the sad moments and realities and not the sad moments itself that makes us depressed. And that’s why you see people with sad childhoods and trauma in young age still growing up to become good people raising loving families and becoming successful and i’m sure you will be successful too and what happened to you won’t have a long term effect because you’re strong.
Man! i’m proud of you because you’re making a change in life and not complaining about it, like training and going no PMO with no execuses.
Good luck friend, you’re not alone in this.

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Those weird logics are all execuses made by your brain because it’s craving that juicy load of dopamine.
You have to understand that when the urge hits and you won’t respond to it your brain will heal and become normal again, so the more you fight the more your brain will heal and the more the urges will become weaker and weaker.
The cycle will break on your 90 day with no PMO or any other addictive substance. And for the brain to completely heal up for the people who are SO addicted they need 14 months, some people need 3 months some 5… so ut depends on the level of addiction. But what matters is that you fight. Because if you don’t now and this year pass… you will say if i just continue with no PMO last year…
me, you, everyone are trying our best. Good luck


Thank yoi very much for taking your time to write this :slight_smile: good luckand if you need anything i am here…you can dm me :slight_smile:


Thanks, same here, you can Dm me if you have any questions. Have a good day/night.


The day i don’t exercise and meditate

I think it’s nearly impossible if u don’t exercise, meditation is also, meditate atleast half an hour

Dopamine level is well controlled,

Urges r least from my behalf if i exercise

From Easy Peasy:

There are two primary reasons for failure. The first being the influence of external stimulus – a commercial, online news article, internet browsing, etc. They find themselves in a weak moment, or even become jealous when seeing intimacy in social scenarios. This topic has already been discussed at length. Use the moment to remind yourself there’s no such thing as one visit or peek. Rejoice in the fact that you’ve broken the chain of mental slavery. Remember that the user envies you and you should feel pity for them, for they need it.

The other reason is having a bad day. Get it clear in your mind before you start, that whether you’re a user or not you will have good and bad days. It rains for both the pope and the murderer. Life is relative and you can’t have ups without downs. The issue with the willpower method is that as soon as the user has a bad day, they begin moping for a visit to the ‘harem’, which further compounds the issue. The non-user is better equipped to handle stresses and strains, not only physically but mentally. If you have a bad day during the withdrawal period just take it on the chin; remind yourself that bad days existed when you were addicted, otherwise you wouldn’t have decided to stop. Instead of moping about it, recognise it instead: “Okay, so today’s not so good but porn won’t cure it. Tomorrow will be better and at least I’ve got a marvellous bonus, I’ve kicked that awful addiction.”

When you’re a porn user, you have to block your mind to porn’s negatives. Users never have brain fog, they’re just ‘a bit down’. When you’re having life’s inevitable troubles and you experience a thought of wanting porn, are you happy and cheerful? Of course you aren’t. Once you stop, the tendency is blaming everything that goes wrong on the fact you’ve stopped.

If work stresses you out, you think, “At times like this I would’ve had a session.” This is true, but the important thing that’s forgotten is that porn didn’t solve the problem, and you’re simply punishing yourself by moping for illusory crutches. You’re creating an impossible situation, miserable because you can’t masturbate to porn, yet you’ll be even more miserable if you do. You know that you’ve made the correct decision by stopping it, so why punish yourself by doubting your decision?

Remember, a positive mental approach is essential – always.

When I relapse, it’s usually for any one of those reasons. Or even multiple reasons at once.

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