[M22]-StrategicExit - Diary

Daily entryz concerning my nofap strategy and experience.

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Root Cause

-Overwhelmed with life
-Too little satisfaction from my tasks
-Dopamine hit of grinding on PH in the Morning
-Being used to opaline hits constantly
-Sex has to end with male orgasm
-Extreme fantasies sexual selfpunishment.

What will it lead to ?

-Frequency and Timeconsumption
Big loss of time
40min every day equals about 10Days every Year
probably even more …
-less mental strength and resistance
-Short attention span
-Objectification of my girlfriend/ disrupts relationship
-Maybe even erectile disfunción
-Using drugs to compensate stress and negative side effects
-loss of control
-will get even harder to quit
-risk of going to jail because of watching illegal content by mistake.
-less drive I could have had through transmutation.

Key habits

-Grabbing my phone watching porn in the Morning
->no phone at my bed.
-Getting up with clock somewhere in another room
->getting up instantly
-Using YouTube to watch Porn while Zoom Session
->Keeping cam on all the time
-Instagram search for exciting content
->no Instagram
-Every form of teasing leads to escalation
->no teasing
-Drugs like Weed provoke masturbation just ->consume weed in company.

Daily habits to cure the root cause

-journaling out thoughts before they get to intense
-learning to satisfy my girlfriend without need of own orgasm
-little self awareness because of little meditation
-running away from tasks keeps Stresslevels rising
-80/20 perfectionism is stressful
-running to clear mind (no music or audiobook)
-unrealistic self expectations
-sauna and workout to relax in a satisfying sustainable way


Hi, welcome.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I am 110 days hard mode today.

To solve Porn:
-Quit and close all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).
-Block all apps, sites and keywords that makes you relapse. On cellphone (Android) I use Spsoft Applock and Safe Kids Kaspersky. It’s necessary to block also your PC. I use Blok Supreme Pro to do it. This software will soon be available in English. You have to block porn on router too. Use OpenDNS or CleanBrowsing. PS: my cellphone is totally blocked, I cannot access even Settings. It’s the price of freedom.

To solve masturbation:
All that I tell you solved the porn problem for me. But the masturbation is the more difficult trouble in my case, even though I was destroyed by porn also.

To solve masturbation (and urges) I need the strength of God. After 24 years of addiction and 7 years trying to be free, Jesus showed me that I can live like a normal person, since I walk His path.

Studyng our 2000 years spiritual teachings of the Catholic tradition, I discovered that NOBODY has the strength to do the 10 Mandaments. You only can do the God Law if you ask God’s grace. It’s necessary His supernatural strength to walk on the God’s way. This supernatural strength (the grace of God) gives us the strength to not relapse in PMO.

How to obtain God’s grace, this above-human strength: praying and by Sacraments.

-Pray every morning asking Jesus Christ the chastity (which is not celibacy). Every morning.
-Go to a Catholic Church or Orthodox Church and ask for the Sacraments of Confession and Eucharist. Ps: The reformed Christian churches don’t have this two sacraments, only the two most ancient churches.

The Confession Sacrament will give you the strength to not relapse anymore. And Eucharist frequently will keep this strength of God on you. Since I went to Eucharist, I don’t relapsed anymore. It’s the biggest form to reach Jesus Christ in this world.

In the moments of urge, get out your bedroom and pray immediately. God saves you. But if you go to Eucharist and Confession frequently, you almost will not have urges. It’s like this with me.

By the prayer, you go to God. By the sacraments, God go to you.

This path is for who don’t have the strength to win this addiction. I don’t have the strength to win PMO. I need a strength that I don’t have. So I use blockers to avoid porn and I ask God everyday to the chastity, by the prayer and by the frequent use of sacraments.

At this night I will complete 111 days hard mode, with a strength that is not mine, but from Above. It exists and is not by chance that a world that rejects this true is sunked by addictions of all sorts (porn, cocaine, etc).

Let’s be free!


I respect your approach, but I’m an agnostict. I hope if there is a higher power it has better things to do than to track my porn and masturbation habits :smiley:

I believe in myself and my strength to change my life. I have done a lot to change my mindset and physique. Its been a long way, but I feel steady enough to finish this on my own. I know my weakness’s and I accept them will reflect and work on them. I will reduce socialmedia, I only use IG atm (it’s a big trigger for me) only install it with intent. YouTube is my biggest weakness and I want to reduce it anyway. I don’t want to restrict my internet, have done that multiple times, I know that I’m clever enough to find my way around. I want to know that if I search for it I will find something. If I restrict myself it becomes a riddle and I want to get around it not even to watch porn. It’s not productive for me. I want to stay aware and identify the critical moments to reflect on when they happen. This takes a lot more willpower but I don’t want to relay on a safety system that fails sooner or later. I only want to take drugs like weed or alcohol in a social setting to keep up my strength of will. You can only quit if u really want to.

Let’s fucking go !

Not with nofap, even though my relapse yesterday triggered some bad insecurities. Channeling some thoughts, probably I will look back at it someday and laugh about it.

I don’t know if I’m studying the right thing. I’m good at it, but is it good for me ? I don’t know if I waste away my life not taking more risks, Am I trapped in my comfortzone. Would moving out help me to get where I want to be ? (I’m already 22) Do I know where I want to be. Was ordering a cine camera instead of a van the right choice. Is nofap even a problem, or am I trying to project my problems on one habit. How much risk is good. I think my second job is just a tool to get me money, I probably shouldnt waste time with something that doesn’t help me to get where I want to be. Do I have the right girlfriend, is she a good influence. I love her, but she is substantially different.

Is this whole problem just a thing of my ego pulling me down. I don’t know if I had these struggles if I was more aware.