M Without P and O count as relapse?

If I do m, Without P, o and fantasies it will be a relapse?

unfortunately , it will count as a relapse!

When people say it’s a relapse, im a bit confused…the main thing here is that there is no porn…are we saying that if the mind has not yet rebooted which can only be achirved around 90 days, then any Orgasms from sex say for example are using the same neural pathways as the old porn habbit meaning the urge for porn addition will never go away because yoir always using that neron pathway?

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The thing with sex is that it’s earned, and it’s done with another human being, so it’s really not the same as watching a video and using that to pleasure yourself, its the same release but not the same path towards it. Therefore M without P does count as a relapse, because its done by you, to you. Hopefully this makes sense, and hopefully you find it as a good answer. :smiling_face:

@luisjapa777 There are different modes to nofap, I would say it depends on the one you have chosen to follow. There is this excellent video that explains the different modes in simple detail. I can try and find it again and send the link if you want.

I thing is a good thing that you do not need porn to masturbate. , it means that you are able to get aroused by real people. I will not cont it as a relapse. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Yeah it’s mad it’s still a relapse bro

Logically, it is a “half-relapse”, depending on how many times you touch and shake your private part.