[M, 26] 90 days cleared


Today I cleared the 90 day goal I imposed myself. Pretty proud, I never relapsed since I started this.

I wanted to share with this community the benefits at this point of my journey, and share some advices for all of you climbing toward the 90 day goal as well.


  • More energy : with proper sleep and food diet, I feel considerably less tired during the day, it’s crazy.

-More time : spending 1 hour, 2hour finding the perfect material to fap to many times a week, ring a bell? Or even looking at hot pics on social media, looking at erotic pictures, ecchi mangas, videos and what not

That was me, when I was doing pmo.It’s incredible how much time I have spent doing this, you can easily imagine how much free time I have now.

  • More motivated in life: knowing that you are working actively to improve yourself and your life, living and going through this No-PMO journey with other people around the world gave me a surge of motivation to improve myself,
    accomplish and start new projects.

-Less depressed (no longer at all?): Before that I was very depressed, at work one of my colleagues often teased me for never smiling at all, now I joke about it saying “I don’t see you smiling either on monday morning”.

I am currently living abroad with a good steady and great rewarding job, but I made the decision to go back to my home country, leave my confort zone because I have no friends nor family where I’m currently at.

-Dreams : before when I had a dream, I could not even remember the content of it 10 to 30 minutes after getting out of bed. But now, holy hell, sometimes even after 2/3 days I can still remember every detail of it. It seems trivial, but I definitely had a thick brainfog before.


-The urges : at the beginning the urges were often and strong, even after clearing 30 days I’m not going to lie, though less frequent , I had really strong urges. Meditation and accountability partners helped a lot.

-attraction : some users said felt more attraction from the opposite sex, but I didn’t feel any particularly attraction at all (though to be honest I don’t often have the occasion to meet others girls my age )

-Wetdreams : since no-pmo I never had any wetdreams, and the night I almost had one, I woke up just before.


You have to change your habits drastically.

-I started writing a journal. I think it helped me a lot to organize my thoughts, expressing what was not going so well, writing important events that made me happy or feels important to me. The journal helped me a lot in the beginning of the process.

-Try to be as social as possible, even though I’m very shy, I try to be as open-minded as possible, and partake as many social activities as possible. Be with other people as often as possible, because once you’re alone, old habits are kicking in.

-Reading books : I’m the type of guy owning 0 books, so buying one and reading it because I was not compelled by a school project says a lot. Even reading 5-10 pages every day is fine. The one I read was “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” ; by Mark Manson, I strongly recommend it.

-Meditation : as a complete beginner, I tried sitting down and meditate 10 minutes every 2 days.

-Remove every trigger in your life : hot models on instagram, anime/mangas/tv shows/movies/magazines which are too sexy, naughty. Before I was reading and watching animes with a lot of ecchi content. Needless to say I don’t watch anime anymore lol, there are fanservices everywhere in 80/90% of anime produced every year.

For almost all of us here, we all stumble across this nofap/no porn and start quitting it because something else is not going very well in our life, I hope that during this journey you will identify it, and find a solution for it.

For me I still don’t know if I found the right course of action, but what I’m sure of is that being the same person as I was certainly isn’t.

If you want to add me, here is my companion code :2f74afb

My goal now is 180 days.


Thank you for sharing. It’s a real motivation my friend. Stay vigilant.

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You’re welcome. I thought important to make some sort of summary after reaching 90 days and share it with you guys. I can only encourage you all in this fight.

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Awwwwwesome stuff dude!
Thank you for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring, and well written!
#bookmarked :smile::pray:

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Keep on Rising… ahhhooo


Great going bro. Keep it up

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Congratulations! You are a man now. But don’t relapse again.


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rishangswapnb my companion code is 2f74afb