Lustfull eyes need help

Can’t help but check out beautiful women recently

Recently due some family issues I have not been following my morning routine also I am not having sex with my wife so often

The family issues have also put me under a lot of financial and emotional stress due to all this I am getting a lot of strong urges lately as if my past addict is telling me to relax but I control myself from PMOing but one thing I am not able to control is stop myself from checking out girls who I find beautiful there is also a bit of fantasizing I am afraid lack of self care and stress and the return of unhealthy checking out habit I might relapse I try to correct my self always but still

Any suggestions


Your emotionally drained feeling and financial stress will effect the status of your family. Try to be with your family, especially your parents and wife. It will reduce your stress.

Be with them, they need you and best of luck to your family, you and your mother.:heart:


Just remember every time you are checking out other women and thinking sexual, how will your wife feel if she knew about it. Imagine your wife checking out other men and fantasizing( I’m sorry for this example). Obviously you will feel hurt and angry. She would feel the same.
Guard your eyes. Just think that if you check out other women, you are literally cheating on your wife.
Just guard your eyes. It’s that simple.
Also, don’t get overwhelmed by your financial and family issues. These are part of life. Have hope. It will work out. It always does. I cannot say a magic word that will make all things for you right. You have to be more mentally and emotionally strong for your family, for your wife and children. You are their support.

If you relapse then you will be very sad and your real life problems will feel more worse. Dont make your condition worse by relapsing. You have the potential to rise up from these problems.
Don’t stress it. Just relax. Give your wife your time( even if it’s is 5 minutes of complete attention) and love. Compliment her. Make some time free and have sex with her to get rid of any opportunity of PMO otherwise you will relapse. CHANNEL YOUR URGES POSITIVELY TO YOUR WIFE. MAKE BOTH YOU AND YOUR WIFE HAPPY AND SATISFIED. A happy couple can face any problem together. You are not alone. Make your wife your support and partner to face the problems of life.


Thanks a lot @NeverGiveup420 @StealthChopperinbond

Thanks for the support and valuable insights means a lot


If you are married , let me tell you the best thing to do that will help you definitely !!!
And the things is to TALK yes !!! You have to share your feelings with your wife !! Tell her how you feel !! Sharing things always being peace of mind !!
I know it’s difficult to share what you said that ! U have urges to check womens!!
But it’s only thing can save you !!
Now you decide : **satisfaction for a min or your healthy life **

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@sandey now that is really tough I’ll have to think and take time before taking this action


Dude ! Relationships are based on trust !!
Take your partner in comfort zone ,grab her hands lay down in her lap , and tell how you feel !! She will understand and ask !! Help


@sandey is right.
But be prepared to deal if the situation gets worse.
I know people who got caught watching porn by their wife and their relationship is in trouble. They had to make their wives sure that they still love her, feel sexually attracted to her to save their marriage.Your wife will think is she not beautiful for you now, are you not attracted to her now, do you not love her now.

So the best option is don’t tell her about your porn and masturbation addiction if you haven’t told her yet.


Just tell her that due to not having regular sex with her, you are getting horny and you don’t even want to betray her even by looking at other women. Tell her you are struggling with your urges and want her full support.
This method is more practical. I am 1000% sure(I hope), she will not react to it badly, but the opposite will happen.
She will see you as a loyal husband who loves her and does not want to betray her and needs her love. She will trust you even more since you are honest about your urges. In the end you will get more attention and love by your wife and you won’t feel the need to relapse.
(don’t be honest about PMO as most probably she will feel betrayed, if you relapse again then you should tell her about your addiction and ask her support and be ready to handle the situation)
Best of luck bro


Getting caught is totally different thing !!
Iam talking about confession !!!
Ofcourse To make a confession ,there is a certain time , situation & method !!!


Yes… It was my mistake in understanding. You are absolutely right :+1:

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Chill bro, atleast you took time to put effort for someone unknown
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