Lust to Love ❤ - A journey

Day 1 Complete

Hey Fellowmates I started yesterday. I hope to continue the journey of celibacy with you all.
What I did today

  1. Listened to Celibacy videos to get my mind in center and to focus.

  2. Did “Gyan Hastha Mudra” for 15 minutes to circulate good magnetic energy.

  3. Meditation for 20-30 minutes for purifying this dirty mind.

One little step towards :heart:Love . All the best to all.



Day 2 Complete

Last night around 3:30 am I had a dream where a Po** image came before in my eyes. At first I took interest of what the people were doing and how they are doing the act. This was because of the habit of years. Then suddenly I was conscious that this is wrong because I was getting excited and I thought I will orgasm. I started shouting that I don’t want this. This is wrong. Again and again I said till the image went away and I was awake.
I was saved from a wet dream just by a will that I won’t do it.

What I did today:

  1. I listened to videos on Celibacy while cooking. Saves time and helps to keep me on the track.

  2. Did hand posture (Prana Mudra) for 15 minutes to help magnetic energy move through my body in specific ways making subtle changes.

  3. Packing my day up, I am now reading a book “The morning miracle” to make me motivate getting up early and understand the significance of it.

All the best to you! Together we can do this!


Day 3
One step towards health.

Today’s activities towards love:

  1. Did meditation to keep mind clean.

  2. Didn’t watch celibacy videos today. “Familiarity breeds contempt”. I don’t want to lose importance just by watching them loads daily.

  3. Started work out today. I hope I can maintain it. I can’t go to Gym so I bought resistance bands.
    Now I can use them in my room when it’s late or the weather is bad.

Too tried to write more :wink:

All the best my mates! Till tomorrow!