Lust filled friends

Im sure there are alot of people out there that have friends filled with lust. I know i have to be careful around them. My one buddy has porn all through out his social media apps. Like every other post is a naked woman. Hes married with 2 kids. I said to him. “Does your wife know you look at this all day”? And he said he wasnt sure. Now that ive been doing the reboot, that sounds like such an awful habit. One you are filled with lust constantly and two there is no way it doesnt take away from his relationship with his wife.


It’s sad really. A man who’s life is already found yet carries himself in a manner that tells otherwise. I would distance myself from these friends are they are weak links to your overall success.


Maybe you should try telling him about nofap and show him that his habits are ruining him. If not directly, you could just subtly point towards it.
In case you don’t trust him enough eliminate him from your life.


Just get rid of such friends. Keep only good friends.


Ooh let friends alone, I hv seen more aged n wise mentors surrender to demon of Lust.