Low sex drive and libido

Hello guys, I have been on no pmo for about 38 days .I had streaks of 44,16,15,26,29… days before but now a days my libido is very low.I get a small urge(soft boner) in the evening after returning from college but rest of the day I don’t get a boner
And I have no motivation to talk to girls at all and yes I am a virgin

BTW I am 17yo and on hard mode

Can anyone help me with this

@Thedevil Do you include regular exercise in your daily routine? This helps regulate chemicals in the body and brain. (it might help with your evening :night_with_stars: problem.)

Make an effort to talk to girls about anything. Even strangers. You need those healthy interactions. You are too young to be isolating yourself from girls.

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Yea I do workout half a hour for 3 to 4 days a week

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Same problem here man and the worst part is I have a girlfriend who suddenly can’t seem to figure out why I’m ‘just not in the mood’ anymore.

I thought I’d tell her after I’d achieved my goal of 90 days of no PM.

Tell your girlfriend right away, man. Honesty is the best policy in any relationship, and I’m sure she’ll understand and be nothing but supportive one you do

You’re in college at 17? Wow! It’s pretty bizarre for a teenage boy to have erection issues.Research how to maximize testosterone levels in many different ways.College students are typically stressed,have poor nutrition and are sleep deprived.All these lower testosterone.

Imagine what will be the effects on the minds of the teenagers when VR porn and such truly becomes mainstream. Their entire dopamine reward-system will be destroyed at such a young age.


Yes,porn is a big issue.it should be banned in the world

I thought about that sooo often. It will be horrible.
I imagined the horrible idea of the invention of the combination of VR with sex doll.
I really hope we as a society can solve this problem before it gets out of hand


I don’t banning it will work, did it ever work for piracy? More people should be made aware of this issue, like cigarettes.

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Hmm I guess you’re right. Guess I was just scared that she’d think I was some sick fuck but it doesn’t matter! I’m gonna tell her

Yeah, I was worried about that when I told my girlfriend too. But she’s been nothing but a massive help to me all throughout this process, even through the multiple relapses. Good luck buddy :slight_smile: