Low libido, on day 79

I am on day 79th of no fap, but I am facing a problem that my libido is all time low, it’s so low that even yesterday when I was with a girl, I wasn’t in mood and now that’s freaking me out a little bit. If anyone has any word of advice or similar journey please let me know.
I am committed to my no fap journey so I won’t be taking any route of pmo but yes I don’t want to be in state where my libido is low.
Please help me out brothers.

Instead of you to be happy, seriously having a low libido can help in your Nofap journey but for what’s what this are just the drastic changes your body has to make, your body is adjusting…do you know a drug addict gets really sick when trying to quit …bro you have nothing to fear


Actually he want his libido to be in proper level. I understand You because You have girl. Do what other people do to have normal libido levels. Eat helathy diet, go to gym and try lifts weights, and after some time all should be ok. If You want to see how things work there is nice book “Brain energy”. It is about mental health but addiction is one of them. Anyway Author show how things work in cellural level it give me a lot of knowledge about human body and what to do to be healthy. In the end we want to be halthy :slight_smile:

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Have you went through the same cycle?

So I am hitting gym regularly, diet also is quite balanced, ans regarding girl I think I will have to break it off, because I am not able to do much, getting pretty nervous.
I am kinda afraid that have I gotten ED or PIED

Yes i was in this situation. Stres can kill libido too. Anyway You can speak about this with your girlfriend and ask for support. And of course if things will not get after some time better ( but i think they will do :slight_smile: ) You can go to doctor and speak with Him about Your problem.

Bro how did you get out of it, or like what are the signs of recovery.
Reqgrading girlfriend part, she is pretty mean, if she comes to know then she would endlessly embarass me.

I try to not focus on libido but on other things. Like gym and healthy diet. I am vegetarian and i did a lot of mistakes in this field. I know how stress can destroy a lot of things that is why i start to learn meditation do streching go to sauna, get cold showers etc. Anyway if it will not go where you want do not be afraid to visit doctor.

Okay thanks brother, I guess I should stop stressing and be free and alone for sometime

Or try to find girl hwo will understand You and will be like best friend :).