Lot of Comments can make a change

Hello there , I miss to talk here in this forum , I hope to you all the best choices , insistance to know more about your brain and to take faboulus actions against your attitude … :wink::raised_hand:
I can’t say that I get the best to my self I still say a lot of excuses to not work or move on to take a real steps against my future I still here … I still imagine and cry too much ( 2 days ago )
Guys how ever the addiction attack you , breath , change your actions and you will feel the best believe me that you need to be (the good thing too is when I feel hurge I change my thoughts I think to do things to my family )
My advice to myself and to you :" focus to yourself too like your caring of people " before the time of get the check of what you did … when you find that you give more people than yourself you 'll not feel ok too (so be fair ) :+1:
We are human people , I said good things and bad too but i will choose to be the choose princess who deserve a good husband Maintaining my sense … focus that you can because there are people do this before .