Lostawaken's diary

So I used to have another account on here but I wanted a fresh start so I deleted my other account and started this one. I’m on the NoFap site but in all honesty, I’m tired of how they’re raising money for their lawsuit so I’ll probably come here more.


Welcome back man!

Yeah I also came from the NoFap forums, I originally had an older account here too and made a new one because I forgot the password. I like that the NoFap community is so big, but honestly sometimes it can be toxic because of all the people and because anyone with a Reddit account can also join the forums. This community is just the right size for me.

But anyway, I hope you find your niche here in this community. I’ll be following your journals :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck bro :muscle:


My strategy may be a bit different to some but it might work for me. My goal is simply to do better than my longest streak on the app (which right now is 2d 06h 18m 05s) and once I beat it I am free to look at porn and/or masturbate. Once I beat the streak it doesn’t mean I will definitely do it, I’m just free to so if I wish. Then I reset and try to beat my next record.

Why do it this way? Because in the past my goal has to be to completely cut it forever and what tends to happen is I eventually relapse after a few days, beat myself for the relapse and then go on a binge that usually lasts a few months. I think by gradually going for longer that will stop me feeling so down as well as help me moving slowly ahead.

I made a mistake the other day. Got an email from a cam site offering me free tokens since I hadn’t access the site for a long time. I went back on it, filled in my card details so to get the free tokens and it appears that they took some money from my account. I got really annoyed about that since I wasn’t aware I’d be charged. It was a mistake to go back on that site since I can get so tempted to spend money on them and since I’m on a tight budget every penny counts :frowning_face: