Lost progress please help me get my progress back

Oh god , I deleted all my progress by uninstalling the app . Please help me get my progress back, I was on 27 days . I had logged onto an account by the name of zorim . I did not know that I had to backup my progress and thought it would auto backup the progress as I had connected to an account already. Please help me get my progress back .


Try to tap the button of “relapse” and there should be possibility to set the data you start. I remember it from my frequent relapsing… I know that for sure is that kind of possibility to choose the date you started. Try this one.

Thank you so much , I had not see that feature, since I hadn’t relapsed in a long time . Still going strong, got urges since my mind thinks I lost all progress , but kicked it’s butt nice and high.

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27 days, you’re doing good

27 days doesn’t seem much when the top or should I say legends of the forum hold back for freaking years .:sweat_smile:

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True bro. This have to be making decision for life. Not for some kind period of time :smiley:

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