Lost Motivation

BIG FALL DOWN FOR ME. I really need a great companian who can always stay by my side help me and motivate me same for him ( whatsup ). I wanna improve wanna get serious like earlier but i wont sol i wanna share it with me so we can find solution vise versa … if their is some one plzzz …

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Cross first 30 days with strict discipline and pain. Suffer while smiling.

You can follow some of these:
Pmo ban
Ogling ban
Tv and tv series ban
Movies ban
Fb app ban
Insta ban
Other social media (except WhatsApp) ban
Meat ban
Onion, garlic ban
Eggs ban
Tea, coffee ban
Coke ban
Junk food ban
Non devotional songs ban
Pc mobile games ban
Oily food ban
Brinjal, lady finger ban
Useless YouTube videos ban
Bad friends ban
Cold drinking water ban
Excessive touching penis ban
Salt except in sabji ban

Try some or all of these


Dude tbh that’s a brutal list and a lot in it doesn’t make any sense already, mean food items doesn’t make any difference the most important things are -
*FB , insta or any social media - strict no.
*YouTube kinda medium usage with - safety mode on.
*Touching or rubbing of penis either intentional or any other medium - have to avoid at any cost.

  • Movies Mmm it’s better to avoid for initial days. In the same way should avoid series too. Lol I started watching animation shows like family Guy & south park.

Except these I don’t think any other factors plays a major role in stopping PMO.

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It is not brutal. Infact it is very simple to follow. If it is brutal for someone, then he is a certified demon.

You are not in a position to challenge Ayurveda and my own experience. :facepunch:

“If someone does not follow these, he cannot cross 1000 in hard mode without a single significant urge.” No one can challenge this statement. :sunglasses: