Looking to save Family/Merriage and make sex with wife great again

So I’m new and going through a lot. Let’s make the story short and just say I almost lost my wife due to infidelity and porn addiction. This between us have become much better since this porn problem is now being addressed. What are some issues that you guys have ran into with your spouse? What did you do to solve this issue?

We are also wondering is it ok for her and I to have Sex during this or is that considered a relapse for sex addiction/porn. We wont watch porn during either.


I am divorced but during the later phase of my marriage I got increasingly hooked on porn. I had stopped using porn shortly after meeting her but I went back to it after the sex started getting more scarce.In retrospect it was the beginning of a downward spiral.I was away from her more.(I hid my habit well) Monogamy seemed far less appealing as my sexual curiosity about other types of women grew.She felt ignored.She eventually fell really hard for another man.Of course there is more to the story but porn had something to do with it.Allowing for sex is called “easy mode” and is what most people in relationships do.Hard mode in your case would only make sense if both you and your wife have serious sex addiction issues.This is rarely the case.Your goal should be to become addicted to your wife.


Thank you angel in a cage. I actually agree with everything you said there at the end. We have been talking about my issue with pornography and she has decided to support and wants to get through it. But shes been damaged by it and hasn’t cheated or anything but she did start flirting with people I guess. I believe that she wants nothing more than to fix the issue. I’m just unsure where to begin. It’s been a long time coming.