Looking for someone who wants to stop all self stimulation

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Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 90 days
Age - 31
Gender - M
Location - Romania

Why I want a companion - i want a companion to motivate myself and be accountable. I am looking for someone that doesnt just want a 90 day reboot but believes that pornography, masturbation and sex fantasizing are abnormal and unhealthy and wants to stop them forever. Thank you.


I am ready bro lets do this :v:
Highest:19 days Current: 2 days


Hello do you want to stop all self stimulation forever or just 90 days?

I am looking for someone who aims for sex only forever, no fantasizing, masturbation etc

Even if we fail, the important thing is to aim high.


Hi, you can add me, I also want to stop nofap and pmo forever :sunglasses:. I am 24, my current streak is 23 days and my highest streak is 105 days. My code is: 1b5335


I added you both, anyonr else wants to stop porn, masturbation and sex fantasizing forever?

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@masturbationiswrong always mention someone or use the reply button so he/she gets notified
I am looking to quit forever no sex no porn no masturbation Monk Mode until I am able to marry(+8 years from now) then sex only


Thanks, i didnt know that. I added you.

Sex only is how it is meant to be.

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Added u too, its gonna be a long run


I’m in!
21 m
From Egypt
1 day and counting to leave this shit

Hey add me also…My name is FAIZ SHAIKH
15yrs old ik I’m a teen but I’m addicted and I want you guys to help meout as u r wiser then me…how can I get my id code?so u can add me.

I have quit pmo forever

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M8 why u relapsed? What happened?

Hello, thank you for checking in, i appreciate it. I had an unhealthy thought pattern an i allowed myself to think its ok to relapse, when it is not. I am back on track now

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