Looking for some suggestions for getting energy

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Thanks for this wonderful application by which I am able to express myself :slightly_smiling_face:
As like others, I am addicted to pornography from a long back i.e around 15years. Now I’m 28 and I have decided to free from it. I got a perfect life partner but now not willing to get married ( because down the line,i know my weakness and this addiction) Well, I have constant mood swings and i am not able to figure out how to handle. I am practicing Yoga, Mediation, going out with my friends and sometimes taking landscape photography (My friends calls I am good at that) but still I am feeling bored after doing these things. For instance, If i start reading some technical book or novels then I loose interest after reading 30 to 40min. Only thing I’m doing pretty good is that scrolling Facebook or Instagram, feed or watching random movies. Other than that allmost everything in this world don’t give me energy or excitation( Offcours a sexual explicit content gives highest level of interest but i am staying away from that)
How do you guys handle ? what way you divert yourself, while not getting bored? Is this my own behaviour and unknowingly i made a best friend to pornography ( 15yrs of addiction)? So many people around me but i am not counting them. I am starting a new habit but very soon i fails to complete and then procastination …then life and my own idea fails at the end. One thing i notice when i am not doing anything and getting stressed on something then urge gets stronger but till now i am in control.
My current strike is 8* and I am sure this year not going to replase or watch any content which ll make me low.
Feel free to ping me or suggest, anything you would like. I would appreciate your time and have a good rest of the day!! :slight_smile: Be Safe :slight_smile:


15years of addiction. There will be a lot of damage. If you do continues nofab your body and psychology of mind will be recovered. Psychology of mind 0.1% per day. Needed benefits starts after 10day of nofab. But full recovery of mind and body will take a huge time.
Nofab is not a easy way but it is real. You need information, plans, routine and some willpower


I agree. Thank you.
Daily I don’t masturbate but sometimes (earlier weekly once and two week once) especially when things don’t work out or understresfull situation or lonely feeling. Luckily I don’t have any issues in my organs. But as you said psychology of mind adjusted to that in a way , i am not able to move from my comfort reason. Sometimes I don’t see a ray of light and other time everything seems possible @luffy00

Mind and body don’t likes changes. If we replace a new habit or a routine in daily life we need a lot of power like a space craft leaving the earth’s gravity but after some time things becomes automatic. If emotions cause damage I thinks emotions can be transmuted into consciousness. If we observe “thinking mind” for some time it will be shift into “no thinking mind” as if we observe inner body (emotions) for some time all emotions will be transmute into presence of present moment. Unwanted Thoughts and emotions are really week in front of our observation/consciousness.


let me try my best. anyways tomorrow as usual busy day and i hope some day I’ll be in control of my boredom. Thanks and have a good rest of the day!!

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My story was similar to you but I was addicted hardcore from around 4 years means watching frequently (daily or 2 days) but watching P for 9 years(in initial years I watched P sometimes from 2010-11 but after 2016 I was addicted to it)

Currently I am 24.
Bro We have a similar story, I got also bored easily And facing the problem of Procrastination as a result I failed in all competitive Examination wasted Precious 4 years of my life, I got addicted to Wasting time on mobile unnecessarily and It acts as an incubator for Frequent P usage urges

But Now I am Healing :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂, It take sometime But I am Damn Sure I will be better person

I want to add you as a Companion, Follow me from my sharing code @anon25497833 :slightly_smiling_face:

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A Quote in a religious text…

“human will get what he struggles for”
I see
here struggle is burning desire with persistence of actions, mind and body protected from negativity. specialized knowledge solo or through master mind group alliance.
Best wishes…:+1:


Sure. Added…thank you. Let’s fight together :muscle:

yea,good one. thanks

@anon25497833 There’s no way books and novels can compete with YouTube and Facebook on how much dopamine they provide. Social media bombards your brain with almost as much dopamine as porn.

Maybe use social media only at the end of the day, or after productive work. That should help you focus.

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I have downloaded from internet regarding dopamine and serotonin. I am planning to apply on my day-to-day activities. If you have any documents or information for reference please provide. I need to change my habit. @Ash_Matt

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