Looking for serious companions

Sharing code - 359c18

Current steak - 2 days
Highest steak - 7 days
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - UK

Why I want a companion - let’s keep each other accountable and be free humans.


added u
code -ccec0e

Just added you, I am new but very serious this has been my crutch too long

I’ve relapse countless times, but I’m very serious this time :muscle:

My code : 8a3929
Days : 0

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Can you please share your user code?

Ah yeah lol its 19b092

Am in add me code 01e5aa

Hi,I added you .code- ea4fbb
My longest streak is 31 days.
I relapsed and i am on day 2 now

Added. My code is 34426a

My code 3a6dbe
Day 2
I m new to this and serious about it

Added! My sharing code is 21074f
I’m a serious newbie.

Sharing code - a6a8b6

Current steak - 4 days
Highest steak - 15 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - US

Add me too please: 1bc9a1

I’m serious all the time. Code - 025033

Looking for an accountability partner.Serious about extending my streak.

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