Looking for more support plz

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Why I want a companion - l struggle with masturbating and also l want more people to DM me and so that we all can help each other out


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from India


Anyone else need a companion to support each other and keep each other accountable

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I’ve added you as a companion. :v:

Thanks to everyone that added me. When we go through dark times we can support each other through DMs

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I will join U on your journey, I’m not on hardmode, but I won’t watch porn nor masturbate. I will still have sex though.

Ya sure please add me in…
I also need companions
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If you don’t do porn or masturbate then just curious why do you need help from this app as it sounds like you are already free from pmo

Dang getting a few more people lol thank you

Read easyPeasy. I never made it past a week before, reading it made it happen for me.

mtu57h is my sharing tag, lets do 90 together. I’m from germany too, your age.

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Just curious how many pages are in this book

100 pages, a seriously short read. You can read it in one go

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Cool as l ain’t much of a reader

yeah just power through, most of the time when I stop something I just leave it forever, not a big reader here either

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