Looking for companions!

Hi everyone I am looking for some campanions to complete challenges with. I was able to stop for 45 days in the fall and relapsed and continued to so. I just stopped for 9 days and relapsed again.

Longest streak- 45
Streak now- 0
Age- 26
Gender- M
Location- US

I would appreciate all the help I can get so I can quit! Please add me.

Code: 4dba32


I will join you my code is 302cdf

Am on 0streak now

Code is cb1499

Just relapsed 2 hours ago we all got this together :muscle::muscle:

I would like to join. What should i be doing.

I’ll add you dude! My sharing code is a06153
My current streak is 10 days
Location: US
Age: 18
Highest streak-: 60 days

U got this man! Ive been stuck in the same boat as you but I’ve been doing good so far for this streak.

One thing I have been finding super helpful is this image. It reminds me to tend to my needs before going straight to PMO. Hope it helps

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Hey man, I just had a terrible relapse a while ago. We Nofappers need to help each other out :sparkles:


I joined in the companion. I think we can motivate each other

My Sharing code: b0d626
Location: India
Add me as ur companion guys
May your support motivate me

8dfcc5 lets do this!

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