Looking for companions with long streaks

Looking for people with high streaks, preferably 100days +. That abstain from porn AND masturbation. Please share your code

Sharing code - h7g9es

Current streak - 66 days
Highest streak - 66 days
Age - 31
Gender - M
Location - RO

Why I want a companion - to get motivated to never fap again

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Ohhhh you need 100+
I was at 70+ days

Happy to share. Im at 138 days. 86bvk4


Sharing code : 488n2z

Highest streak : Day 232
Current streak : Day 232
Age- 21
Location- IND.

Happy no fapping guys , don’t give up.:v:


Day 108
My code upkyy1


My sharing code is rh4exw
Current streak 204 days

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No oys ok, i would love to have someone so close to my days. Please share.

Also, thx everyone else for sharing

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