Looking for companions who speak hindi as it helps me to connect with them better

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My biggest enemy so far has been loneliness.

It has damaged my personality
Turned me into an introvert who despises being so.
A person who frequently has communication issues.
Trust issues are very frequent. It takes really a lot of effort to open up, and then break down easily.
Many a times, I get anxious.

I know it is too much to demand companionship which is nothing compared to what could be on real grounds, like those companions we used to have in our schools. But then we grew up and lost connection.

I’m looking forward to redevelop that connection. It’s important I don’t give in.

“The hardest is always in the beginning. It will become easier later on, you will feel much better as time passes on. It’s important you don’t give in”

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I am here for you bro , Message me anytime !

I am also Indian, you can msg me anytime you like about anything.

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Saurabh bhai. HUM Rajasthan se hain.
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Idhar to lagbhag sabhi Hindi bolte hain, aur international category me Hindi language bhi hai bhai.

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