Looking for companions to better themselves

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Sharing code - 24jmx6 *

Current streak - 1 hour :confused: *
Highest streak - 12 days *
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - EU

Why I want a companion - I would like to end with this PMO addiction. It impacts on my daily life. If you share similar interests, feel free to add me! We fight to regain better selves after all!

Can u tell how the campanion thing works? And how do we use the sharing code?

i can help you with this only… :point_up: @luluane

In the Mobile Rewire App, you’ll find “My Companions” tab
in the right side corner you will find “3 dots blue color button” :large_blue_circle:
press that button—> “My Sharing Code” you can copy & paste(share)
share to whoever you want to show your current streak

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Thank u :blush::blush::blush: here’s my sharing code lijfpr

I already do write things about my experience. The only thing that really sucks is that I can’t talk with other ladies, they must be hiding somewhere in the fear of being spamed by a lot off guys :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:

I can understand your situation…
But “all guys are not same”…(:point_left:t2:for those ladies)
There are many guys who can help… by not judging you
But girls always shares about these problems with girls only because they feel comfortable… Around them… They think that girls will understand better than guys because we don’t have some problem which girls do…
But guys can suggest how to use your time in a productive manner… Which will help on this journey

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Sharing code: ztf01i

Current streak: 11d 7h
Highest streak: 11d 7h
No. Of relapses: 8 on January
Age: 21
Gender: M
Location: India
Type of NoFap: HardMode

Why I want a companion: I wish to reboot my brain this year and I’m new to this forum thingy, and I’d like to try this out.

Edit: relapsed 37mins ago , sad.

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Don’t worry I’m not offended by your words xD. I read somewhere that a girl was reluctant to tell her gender because she feared of the spaming of some dudes

@luluane @MustangRoy added both of you guys

There were girls on this forum.

What are u stranger? ._.

I’m OP of this thread. You were making discussions in my thread.:slightly_smiling_face:

No I meant your sex what are u? A male or a female?

I’m a male. Keep looking and you will find it.

@SaveSeedEveryday , @luluane honestly I had no idea there were female fapstronauts lol

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: it’s not just a man’s problem

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We shall overcome this addiction. Believe in yourself ^^

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Wish me luck this day is very looooong

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Hey there! You can add me
My sharing code: fatjzx

Hi, I added you as well!

Keep being busy and you will distract your mind from dirty thoughts. Your brain won’t have time to think “dirty”.

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