Looking for companion to walk with me the road


I am 27 and currently living in the UK. Back when I was 16 I started with PMO and never really stopped. I am a PMO addict for over 11 years and I need a change in life. I am looking for someone so we can keep us updated and saving us from being relapsed. It is the first time I am doing this.

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Why I want a companion - In the past I didn’t know about NoFap but I tried many times to reduce my PMO. Eventually, I always failed because my mind would place its evil tricks and I always had a stupid justification to never stop PMO.
Recently PMO is causing severe damage in my current relationship (PIED) and it already ruined my last relationship because of it. I am ready for the fight, I am accepting my addiction and I want to face my inner demons.


Hi. I relapsed today and I am very angry on myself. My goal in nofap is to make myself better with relationships with girls. I would like to find some long relationship, but I feel with PMO it’s much more possible. I would like to try the challenge with companion, I think it would help me a lot.

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Yo I’m 16 and i have been a porn addict for like 5 or 6 years. I think I can help you out man I am on a 16 day streak right now and i feel great. Add me. 539554.

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62641d . Add me mate.

Hey man,

Happy to join in the journey with you. I am 33 yrs old and have been struggling to succeed with NoFap. Longest streak was 16 days. Back to baseline now.

Here’s my code: o604d4

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