Looking for companion road to 90 days


This is my first day am looking forward to a 90 day streak and more i need a companion so we can push each other since i tried doin this alone before and failed add me my code is :2108d3


Added you :+1:
Current Streak: 9 days
Highest Streak: 19 days
Code: xcorcn

This time I’m not giving up and will definitely hit that 90 days streak👊


Current: 49 days
Highest: 58 days
Code: b5m3hr

We can both make it to 90 days by helping each other I am active in this forum to get help and to help if you are interested you can add me as your companion


Added you bro let’s this

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hey man, added you,
I’m currently at day 49, looking forward to face this with you

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