Looking for companion m23

Hello everyone
My name is Rab (Rabia) M23,
Christian Arab from Nazareth-Israel/Palestine, homosexual

My time zone GMT +3.
I’m looking for a companion with close time zone.
Preferably Christian straight male.

A companion willing to get better in life. And willing to chat or even talk, to track our progress and study the situation and plan ahead. Again progress in life not just pmo.

In short looking for a friend.

physics, math science, but can’t say i remember anything related to it.

I did practice and learn piano and karate for about 11 years.
I’ve background in electrical engineering studied 3 years. Currently studying musicology and information systems.

I’m religious but not an expert in my religion, o do pray and go to church on sundays.

I’m open to self improvement challenges, building new habits together or other stuff,

If you read till here, thank you alot
Reply or message
I hope we can be friends and can help each other.

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Hello bro Im with you!! :slight_smile: greetings from México City

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I’ll message you

20 Characters :sweat_smile:

I’ll keep looking, I need someone with similar time zone , , ,
For daily conversation at night to summarize the day.
I’ll improve myself, it will be more tolerable of i had a companion

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